Hello! My name is Chai. I'm a twenty-something self-taught photographer from the Philippines. I first picked up a dSLR when I was eighteen, and have been taking photos ever since. My partners: Ryuusei (流星), a Canon EOS 5D Mark I, and Reimei (黎明), a Canon EOS 400D. Hobbies include reading manga and watching cat videos on the Internet. Some things I like: cats, pretty girls, Japanese pop culture & street fashion, aomoji-kei, the visual kei subculture, the GazettE, Shiina Ringo, anime and manga, songs with a nice bass line, coffee and milk tea, photobooks, paper-things. My life dream is to be able to travel, to see many different places, and to meet many different people around the world.

This blog, Oh My Little Girl, formerly Little Forest Girl, is a blog about girly lifestyle, geekery, Japanese pop culture and kawaii culture, personal style, beauty, photography, etc. It is my own personal little space on the web. It has been around since 2009 (though I've been blogging for much longer), and serves as a compilation of my photographs, outfits, things that inspire, things I like, thoughts, and everyday musings ♥

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