My name is Chai – kawaii life & style blogger, photographer, Japanese pop culture geek, cat lady, and lover of all things cute – based in Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies include: reading manga, playing with makeup, and watching cat videos. A few other things I love: cats, sweet & girly fashion, Japanese pop culture, the GazettE, Shiina Ringo, f(x), WINNER, anime & manga, milk tea, artbooks. Life dream – to travel, see many different places, and meet many different people around the world.
Oh My Little Girl—formerly Little Forest Girl—is a blog about kawaii culture, life & style, beauty, and everything in between. It is my own personal little space on the web, and has been around since 2009 (though I've been blogging for much longer). It serves as a collection of photographs, things that inspire, thoughts, and musings from my everyday life ♥
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