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Last April 29th, Kawaii Philippines held an arts and crafts bazaar called the Kawaii PH Creators Market at VentureSpace PH in Mandaluyong. Aian and Allysa were selling merch that day, so I tagged along as moral support, since they did the same for me at the Kawaii PH Market. Unlike that time though, I had more freedom to roam the event so I was able to take a ton of photos!✨

Dolly Kaye + Little Miss Paintbrush + Whimsicute + Kawaii PH Store + Rainbowholic Shop + Mad Tee Party + Plushie Stash

I spent the most time hanging out at the Kawaii PH booth because I took so long deciding what to buy of Chichi's merch! I always forget to buy from her during cons so now that I was finally able to buy, there were so many that I wanted LOL ;;

I wanted to get all the cute stickers!! I don't have anywhere I can stick them on though, since I'm too lazy for journalling....

Cute mascot at the Kawaii PH booth heheh 🐶✨

Dolly Kaye creations! There was one dress that I wanted but it was too short for me _(:3」∠)_

Marz Today custom rubber stamps! Attendees were given blank postcards that they could decorate using the stamps at the booth. If there were any particular stamps that you liked, you could buy them as well~!

Lapidarynauts! Their booth caught my eye because of the cute plushies + Sulli artwork heheh

Nikki Radan + Christian Torres

Banana's work!!!! I'll get those Kiki and Soot Sprite stickers next time! Her sister was also selling some stuff but I am An Idiot and forgot to take a photo of that side of their booth ;;;;

Wish.mnl washi tape and stickers! Everything was so cute but I was broke by the time I was able to browse all their stuff haha ; v ;

Sabgeid + Kicks + Pmella

Aian and Allysa's booth ✨

Smol coffee bear 🐻


For Isabela + Hatah Hatah + OliveCubes

Kamiiireru! I remember her work because I wanted to buy Kanna acrylic charm from her during a previous con ; v ;

Kiyasuriin + Priichan

Wear Pastel Pop chokers 🌹

Cute merch by Kumako Panda Shop! I wanted to buy some Haikyuu!! stickers but she didn't have any Nekoma ones ;; v ;;

Cute creations by Okay Friday

Janeyney + invisibleninjANDY + AL

Pretty things by Twinery Accessories! They had these little tassel bracelets that I loved....but I forgot to take a photo ;;

Spring Marionette + Dorotee Sweetlips

Mommy Jets Little Japan aka washi tape heaven!! I loved that you could choose between getting a full roll or just a sampler (1m worth of tape), because I rarely use washi tapes anyway. I took a long time choosing which design to buy, and in the end bought a sampler of their hydrangea tape because I'm predictable like that. There were a lot more designs that I really wanted to buy, but I couldn't go beyond my set budget for that day so I just stared at the pretty from far away ;____;

Here's my small (heheh) haul from the event! Mad Tee Party "Pusang Gala" T-shirt, a ton of B-Side Label Stickers from Kawaii PH Store, Chichi's "Freckles and Scars" postcard (which she gave to me as a gift!! I CRY), hydrangea postcard Chichi made for me at the Marz Today booth, black cat stickers also from Kawaii PH Store, hydrangea washi tape sampler from Mommy Jets Little Japan, and lastly, Silly Pussys and Youkai sticker sets from Chichi~! (I say it's my haul but tbh Aian bought most of these LOL)

That's all the photos from Kawaii PH Creators Market! For more info on events like these, like Kawaii Philippines on Facebook 💕

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