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It's been a while since I last bought makeup! These days I'm trying my best to cut down on beauty expenses, so I try not to buy anything unless I really need it. My last few beauty-related purchases were mostly just skincare things that needed to be replaced. But last month, I picked up a couple of items from Etude House. We were at ATC at the time, so I thought I'd look inside the Etude House there to check if they had the eyeshadow color that I wanted. And they did, so I ended up buying that plus one other item. (I also got a new Pink Membership Card, because I lost mine ;___;) Just a super small haul. Let me show you the items that I got! :)

Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe in BE102 Honey Milk (P228)
First, the elusive Look At My Eyes Cafe shadow in BE102 Honey Milk! It's an off-white (cream?) color with a matte finish. I got it mainly because I needed a base shadow color that would be okay for daily makeup (read: something not super sparkly like my usual makeup lol). One of my favorite Korean beauty Youtubers, Lee Su, uses it for the same purpose in a lot of her videos.

Here's a little fun fact – another reason why I had my eyes on this for so long is because of the shade name. Honey Milk was the name of my old mori girl–themed online clothing shop, so I really wanted to get this shadow.

Etude House Flower Lesson 4-Color Shadow Palette (P378)
(Alternatives: Flower Lesson 8-Color Palette, My Beauty Tool 8-Color Palette, Look At My Eyes 8-Color Palette)
The second and last item from my mini-haul is this empty eyeshadow case from the Flower Lesson collection! Prior to buying this, I've already had my eyes on these cases because they were very cute! I'm a sucker for things with simple yet cute designs. I didn't think to buy one as I preferred bringing the eyeshadow singles instead. Saves a lot of space in my makeup bag. The reason why I finally went and bought one was because one of the singles decided to break INSIDE MY MAKEUP BAG for NO APPARENT REASON. (All-caps because this incident made a huge sparkly mess in my makeup bag and I just feel the need to emphasize that.) And so, when I saw this was available at the store while I was looking around, I decided to buy it as well. Pretty good buy, in my opinion. It has a full mirror and even comes with its own applicator. It takes up more space than when you just bring the singles, but at least I won't be worried about anything breaking in my makeup bag. It doesn't come with a plastic film though. It's not actually a big deal, I just don't like it when eyeshadow gets on the mirror. If this is an issue for you as well, you'll have to cut out your own from a sheet of acetate.

If you're wondering how to depot Etude's single shadows to transfer them to the empty palette case, it's actually pretty easy!

These are the four singles I'll be transferring. I actually have more than just these four, but I chose my three favorites plus the BE102.

I'll be transferring this one first. It's the one I was talking about before, aka the reason why I even bought the case lol. The eyeshadow itself didn't actually break, just the plastic case. I'm very careful with my makeup stuff because I'm paranoid about my foundation bottles breaking, so I have no idea why this decided to break on its own. As you can see the heart pattern on the shadow is all messed up because I tried my best smooth it out. My eyebrow spoolie was stuck in the area on the lower left when I found it, wtf.

To depot the shadow, first peel off the sticker on the back. You'll find a small hole. Just push a pin through that hole and the metal plate (?) that the shadow is on will pop right out. It already has an adhesive on the back, so you can just place it on the case right away.

Place the shadow inside one of the holes in the case, then push it in gently using your finger. If you're worried about ruining the pattern, place a tissue over the shadow before pushing it in.

Tada~~~~! Easy peasy. The hardest part was probably making sure the heart pattern was properly aligned, lol.

Another fun fact – all of these shadows are included in Etude's Play Color Eyes In the Cafe, which is a cafe-themed eyeshadow palette. I thought about getting that palette for a long time, but then the IPKN x estherlovesyou palette came out and I ended up getting that instead. After a while I found out that most of the shadows in the In The Cafe palette could be bought individually, so I chose the colors I liked the most and bought them. BE102 was the hardest to find since it was always sold out everywhere I looked. I might still buy the full palette if I manage to find it. Or I might just buy all the colors individually. The colors are all so pretty!

And there you go. My personal Look At My Eyes palette! I use most, if not all, of these colors on a daily basis, so I'm glad that I have them all together in one palette. My go-to shadow for lazy days is BR403 Caramel Latte. I also use it for contouring my nose, if I feel like it. My go-to combination is BR405 Cafe Latte Milk all over the eyes and BR402 Takeout Without Syrup on the crease and inner eye corner, with the new addition of BE102 Honey Milk as my base. I'm still looking for a nice glitter shadow and a matte chocolate brown shadow. (At this rate, I might have to buy the 8-hole case because I just love Etude's Look At My Eyes line so much!)

That's it for my mini-haul as well. Like I said, I try not to buy anything unless I really want and/or need it, so when I bought these I was in and out of Etude House in minutes lol. I do remember swatching a few of the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon lipsticks, but I most probably won't be buying any of those anytime soon. Although the Wonder Fun Park colors do look super tempting!

Have you bought anything from Etude House recently? Or are you planning to get anything soon? Let me know in the comments! :)

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