more cats, pretty art, comfort food – 2/52

January 15, 2017 No comments

Day 8 – Friendly stray kitty

Day 9 – Aian's workspace wall

Day 10 – Early morning grilled liempo run

Day 11 – Sinigang na salmon sa miso

Day 12 – Jake and Mimi starting to really look like each other

Day 13 – Snuggle weather

Day 14 – Pork bistek tagalog

Some things that made me happy recently:
  1. Seeing all the pretty posters and postcards on Aian's workspace wall! We've accumulated quite a bit of these over time, but Aian only started putting them up recently. Feels nice seeing pretty art everytime I pass by.
  2. Finishing four posts in two weeks!
  3. Aian and I finished watching Juhan Shuttai! a few days ago. It was SO GOOD. I could relate to it so much that I legit cried during the latter half of the series. If you love manga, please do watch it.
  4. We also started watching one of this season's new anime, ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, because I thought the art style looked a lot like Kawachi Haruka's, whose work I like a lot. Turns out I couldn't be more wrong, lol. But we still found the series interesting, and we like the art style a lot, so we'll still watch it.
  5. Finally opening my giveaway prize from LOVEABOX, which I received earlier this month. I got a box full of K-beauty things, which includes an eyeshadow quad from Pony Effect!! *heart eyes emoji*
  6. Liking the Happy Cats page on Facebook.
  7. Receiving my new grey lenses from K-lenspop in the mail.
  8. Eating a lot of delicious Filipino food. We can't cook, so we usually eat out or order in. This week we had grilled liempo, sinigang sa miso, daing na bangus, and pork bistek.. all of which I consider comfort food. I'm happy.
  9. Seeing all seven babycats sleeping together on the bed. Also, when they let me sleep beside them ♥

What was the highlight of your week? :)

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 52 week challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the week, and at the same time write weekly Happy Lists. My previous 52 project posts, so far: 1.

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