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While we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty shit year for the world over, it was still an okay year for me. Neither super good nor super bad, but right in the middle, I guess? Nothing majorly life-changing happened to me, personally. I did have a lot of good memories though, so I thought I'd list them all here. The highlights of my 2016, listed per month. I found the imbalance of these lists rather amusing – there were months where I'd only stay at home and work non-stop on blog content, and there were months where we'd have two or three consecutive events. (I live a relatively boring life, so let me at least try to make it look interesting, ha.) Most of these are just mundane things, but still, things that made me happy and that I'm thankful for :)



  • LARME-inspired photoshoot with my Kawaii PH fam
  • Nora giving birth to three lovely kittens – Jake, Mori, and Mong
  • Cosplay Carnival 2016
  • Aian's 33rd birthday



  • Met up with Xandra and went to her house, where I got to play Exploding Kittens for the first time
  • Summer Komikon 2016
  • Kawaii Market 2016
  • Officially became a tita with the birth of my brother's baby girl



  • O-kun Fiesta 2
  • Dropped off old clothes at H&M for the first time
  • Swimming with family at Pansol, Laguna
  • KBBQ at Biwon in BFRV
  • Canmake Philippines Airy Cover Fit Foundation product launch


  • My first (and sadly, last) BLushcon + met Kidchan and a lot of friends I hadn't seen in ages
  • KBBQ @ Go!Kizip
  • Went to support Seishun Kakumei at an ACG charity event in Greenbelt
  • Tried shopping at BeautyMNL for the first time




  • Two days of Cosplay Mania 2016 (where I got to see Rippi perform!)
  • Received Nendoroid Kenma from Aian and Minicchu Maki from Allysa as early birthday gifts
  • Kawaii PH x Canmake Philippines Beauty Workshop with Ashley and Anne
  • Turned 27 _(:3」∠)_
  • First time at Coco Ichibanya
  • Halloween shoot with Aian
  • Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016


  • Tale of the Winter Forest event at Southmall
  • Bowling with friends
  • Bought my first Colourpop product
  • Successfully rehomed one of the strays we'd been feeding
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Komikon 2016 + Rockwell with friends
  • Nora's 2nd birthday
  • Received a new netbook from my lolo


  • Got a new pair of glasses (with my updated prescription)
  • First time at Dohtonbori
  • Had Aian's postcards printed for CF
  • Claimed my Starbucks 2017 planner
  • Tried Kumori's cheese tart
  • Kuala Lumpur (+ staying at this beautiful room)
  • Annual book-shopping at Kinokuniya
  • Met with Mieko and had satay and roti canai
  • Comic Fiesta 2016 (aka annual meeting with King)
  • Three. Layer. Tea.
  • First time at Jalan Alor
  • Mini-shoot with Hanie's Star Guardian Lux cosplay
  • Lunch date with Hanie at VCR + Pavilion visit
  • Spent Christmas day cramming blogposts
  • Little Tokyo with friends
  • 7 years with Aian ♥

What were the highlights of your year? :)

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