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Can you believe it's already the last month of 2016? Crazy. Hope the first few days of December have been good to you so far. As usual, I'm starting the month off with a life lately post – just a quick update of life things that happened in November! ♥

Earlier this month, Iso, a friend of ours, posted on Facebook about her friend who was looking for a black cat to adopt. Since we've been feeding this little one for a while and have been wanting to find a good home for her, I took the chance and replied to the Facebook post. Right after I replied, the friend messaged me asking about how to meet up for her. That same week, we took this baby to meet her new family.

Gentle baby~ I only realized just how sweet this one really is when we were on the way to bring her to her new family. She was panicking and meowing a lot in the car at first, but would calm down whenever I put my hand inside the carrier and stroke her fur. I kept my arm inside the carrier for the whole 3 hours we were on the road, and she eventually fell asleep. During that time I actually thought of turning back and just keeping her for ourselves, haha ;____; But I'm glad we were able to find a new home for her, and that she seems to be doing well there.

It was really late when we got to Megamall (where Aian and I met with the person adopting the babycat), so all the shops were already closing and the only thing we could do was have dinner before going back. We had dinner at some sort of cafe version of The French Baker. The food was okay but I was more interested in the bread they gave us than the pasta.

A couple of weeks ago, we all went out to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This was a really shit day in general, with the sudden Marcos burial and all, so it was a good thing I got to watch the movie because I enjoyed it a lot. Made the day somewhat better.

The next day, we went to Komikon, but we were only there for less than an hour since we arrived really late (traffic was insane). We decided to head to Rockwell afterwards, which only meant one thing – CocoIchi for dinner!

Speaking of Rockwell, the inside of Power Plant is so pretty right now! So many sparkly lights! I spent so much time admiring this moving installation on the first floor. Fluffy snow leopards and a white tiger! So cute! I wanted to take them home~~

This baby recently celebrated her second birthday! Nora's been with us for two years now! The photo on the left was when we found her outside Aian's old place and first took her in, and the second is a photo I took of her using the SNOW app lol.

My lolo received a netbook from a relative abroad, but since he doesn't know how to use it he decided to give it to me instead. I'm super thankful because my old laptop died around 6 years ago. It's quite nice and helps a lot with blogging now, but my problem is that it's SUCH A VIVID BLUE that it's distracting! Plus it clashes with all of my pink belongings, lol. (By the way, my current wallpaper is a piece by Matsuo Hiromi ♥)

I recently visited an optometrist to have my glasses replaced, as they've been broken for some time now. (I've been gluing it together because I've been too busy/lazy to have new glasses made, lol.) To my surprise (and horror) I found out that my eye grade went from -2.50 for both eyes to -3.75/-3.25, with astigmatism on the right eye, to boot. So now I have to throw out all my lenses, even the ones I've only had for less than a month. It's very unfortunate, but really I have no one to blame but myself for being so negligent ;___;

My hair's gotten to a length where I can't figure out what to do with it. I've never been good at hairstyling so I always end up cheating by just curling the front and tying my hair back, but recently it's become a bit boring. I'm thinking of cutting it super short, but I'm not brave enough to do it!

This fatty has been doing very well recently. He eats A LOT and has grown so much that he kind of looks like a raccoon now.

This was him around 4 months ago, before we decided to adopt him!

Meanwhile, this girl has had the cone on for a while. We have to keep it on her because she tends to scratch herself bald whenever she gets wounds from too much roughhousing. I actually think it looks cute!! She doesn't like it though, so she begs me like this to take it off. (And I do, for a bit.)

Aside from that, everyone's doing quite well. Life with seven cats is crazy, but then you get this. I haven't been posting much about these kids so I thought you might like a quick update. These days it's been gradually getting colder, so everyone's been snuggling a lot more. I want to snuggle with everyone too, but during times like this, once I lie on the bed, everyone just gets up and leaves, sigh. So all I can do is watch them from afar~~

That's it for last month's events. (Or in this case, non-events? Haha.) Komikon might just be the last local event for us this year, and I wasn't able to take photos, boo. But for this month, there's our annual trip to Malaysia for Comic Fiesta, so I'm looking forward to that! We've already booked our flight and accommodations, so all that's left to worry about is the money for con merch and possible Sasa/Sephora shopping. There's also a Kawaii PH year-end party in the works, but I'm still not 100% sure if we'll be able to attend, as Aian and I will be in KL from the 15th to the 21st. But we'll see! Until then~~

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