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Just two days before Christmas, and I still don't have anything to wear for all the upcoming parties! I have my go-to makeup look ready, but no outfit in sight yet. I've been so busy preparing for our KL trip that I wasn't able to come up with any outfits, and even now that we're back, I'm still feeling tired from it all that I can't come up with anything. (I can probably wear a T-shirt and shorts, but I'm too maarte to let that happen, sigh.) Luckily, there are a ton of sites where you can get inspiration for dressing up nowadays. One such site is StyleWe, an online fashion shopping platform that features independent fashion designers. With several different situations in mind, I've chosen pieces that I myself would wear this holiday season.

As someone whose personal style can still be considered ~unusual~ by most people in this country (even though I've toned it down a lot these past years), I've pretty much perfected the art of dressing up for family gatherings. No going over the top with accessories, no neon colors. Because I have a few superstitious relatives, no wearing black for Christmas or New Year's. I have an unwritten rulebook of sorts for this, and I try my best to follow it to the T. It's not that I don't want my family to accept my style of dressing, it's just that it gets tiring to keep explaining every time, lol. (And as much as possible, I just want to avoid being asked the question "Cosplay ba yan?" by relatives, sigh.) From experience, white dresses are always a safe choice!

With friends I can be a bit more creative, as all my friends are already familiar with my personal taste in clothes. These days I've been following more feminine styles. I've also been liking Risa Nakamura's current style a lot, so I've been adding more black pieces to my wardrobe. Here are some cute girly pieces that I'd wear to lunch dates or get-togethers with friends ♥

The Kawaii PH Year-End Party was just a couple of days ago, and the theme for this year was "pastel"! Sadly I wasn't able to attend *crying emoji*, but here are pieces that I think would've been great for it!

Lastly, black dresses in different styles. Save for weddings, I've almost never attended any events that required formalwear, so I'm always at a loss whenever the topic of formal dress comes up. So for formal occasions, I picked these black dresses. If there's one thing I took from my fashyown phase from 5 or 6 years ago, it's that when you're in doubt, wear black!

You can find all these pieces and more on StyleWe. They have a wide selection of dresses for all sorts of special occasions—prom, weddings, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year's, etc—and also casual day dresses. :)

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by StyleWe. Opinions remain 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

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