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Hey everyone! I just finished packing my bags for tomorrow's flight to KL, so I thought I'd sit down and finally get to writing this. As some of you may know, the reason why I'll be in KL from tomorrow is because Comic Fiesta 2016 is this weekend! Comic Fiesta, or CF for short, is Malaysia's biggest and longest-running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games (ACG). Aian and I attended our first CF in 2013, and we've been attending every year since then. Last year and the year before that, I actually applied for a blogger pass so I was able to meet all the amazing guests and listen to their interviews (only listen, because I'm too shy to ask questions myself hehe). Sadly, I wasn't able to put up my event report for CF2015, so I decided not to apply for a pass this year. This year, we'll be attending as a regular con-goers, just like our first ever CF!

Even though I wasn't able to put up my event report for CF2015 on time, I thought it would be such a waste not to share the photos, especially since our friend Jaimee, who was my ~photographer~ for last year, did an amazing job with taking photos. So here you go, my extremely late Comic Fiesta 2015 report! (Warning: super image heavy! 60+ photos, gasp!)


Comic Fiesta chaos! The crowd was already massive like this the first year we attended, so Aian and I are pretty much used to it. (Our companions, not so much lol!) Ready for this weekend's crowd, too!!

Last year was also the first time Aian tried boothing outside of a Philippine convention. It was also the first time we had so many friends come with us – Jaimee, Alyssa, and Jiro (not in photo).

Aian's shiny new merch~~~~

I had to take a photo of this cute girl......... I'm so sorry for being a creeper

Love Live!! *heart eyes emoji*

There were a lot of awesome cosplayers, as usual! I'm always amazed at the quality of cosplays in CF every year.

Live art demo! It always amazes me how some artists can draw even with so many people watching..

Smart Dolls by Danny Choo!

Awesome artwork in the middle of the hall~


More Love Live!!

More cosplayers! I didn't have much time to roam the area so almost all of the photos here were taken by Jaimee.

Selfies with the ever-pretty Ying Tze and *deep breath* KING !!!!! My first-ever encounter with KING was during the media interview with guest cosplayers for CF2014, and I fell in love. I'm not even kidding. I just. Fell in love. That's why I was ecstatic when I was able to take a photo just before leaving. Super lucky x 9999. I don't even care that I look like a potato.


We arrived slightly earlier for Day 2 than Day 1, so we had more time for booth prep!

But first, photos with our best girls.

The truth is, I only helped out with prepping Aian's booth a tiny bit, because I was in a hurry to line up for KING's booth lol. I tried to line up on the first day, but the queue was SO LONG–Enchanted Kingdom levels of long–that I gave up and thought to try the next day instead. That's why I said I was super lucky to get a chance to take a selfie on the first day, heh. Anyway, I lined up super early, around 10:30AM, but there were already around 4 or 5 people in the queue. Crazy. I also spotted my online friend Lizzie, who was there from SG! She ended up assisting KING during signing and also helped translate stuff I wanted to say to KING ; v ; (Thank you!!) Super happy I got my goods this time around! Also my second selfie with KING heheh.

After that fangirling spiel I went back to my original duty, which was to man Aian's booth lol.

Sooo many cosplayers. My favorites are the The Cat Returns pair! It was my first time seeing cosplay of this movie – usually for Ghibli cosplays it's usually Howl's Moving Castle or Spirited Away.

La Petite Fox, Comic Fiesta's maid and butler cafe!

I am.. too shy for maid and butler cafes now, so for lunch I settled for A Pie Thing instead. Can I just say, we pretty much ate nothing but this pie for both days of CF, and it was really good. Thank you for giving us energy, smol pie.

More awesome cosplayers! Like I said, our friend did a good job with taking photos!

Aian and Jaimee went to check out Krenz Cushart's art demo, so I stayed behind to man the booth.

I manned Aian's booth for that next hour or so~ I was so sleepy though so I think I might have fallen asleep at some point.

When they came back, it was my turn to roam the venue and take photos. It was then that I spotted Aza Miyuko. Pretty~

I also went to the cosplayer interviews for Jin, Reika, and Shimo, but it was almost over by the time I came. I still managed to catch a bit (including the part where Reika talks about wanting to cosplay Maki hehe) and take photos!

Some very haggard-looking selfies! I couldn't catch Shimo for a selfie because I got caught up talking with Jin. We were talking about how it was funny that we were taking photos in KL when we could always do it at a local con anyway, lol.

I took photos of these cosplayers outside the interview room. (I'm a bit sad that some of these were badly taken; I used an 85mm for the first time here and it was SO HEAVY. How do photographers use it without shaking??)

I bumped into Ying Tze just before she left. She was sick that day but she still stopped to take a photo with me ; v ;

Spent the rest of the day taking photos of awesome cosplayers (plus a girl in Lolita). That Dio was so cool in person!

I can't say this enough though – our friend Jaimee really did a good job with the photos last year. I was worried at first, because our photography styles are a bit different. But the thing is, I'm bad with taking photos of cosplayers in the sense that I'm too shy to go up to certain cosplayers to ask for photos, so I really appreciate that he took so many good photos! These photos of genderbend Edward Scissorhands were my favorite!

Aaand that's a wrap! Boothing at CF was crazy, and I'm not sure if we'll ever do it again, but it was fun!

That was our Comic Fiesta 2015 experience! It's not much of an event report, so I don't know if you could call it that! More like, Comic Fiesta photo spam. But I hope you enjoyed the photos! Jaimee won't be with us at CF this weekend, so I'm a bit pressured to take lots of good photos just to keep the quality for CF photos consistent, lol. Wish me luck! _(:3」∠)_

By the way, I'll be in KL from tomorrow until the 20th, so I might not be able to update my blog in the meantime. I'll try to do a quick update once I get there, but I won't be bringing my notebook along so I dunno if I can do that with just my phone, haha. I'll try! I'll also be posting photos of the trip on my Instagram stories, so you can check that out instead! :)

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