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November 21, 2016 No comments

Hey everyone! I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be doing another haul post soon, and here it is! Some of these items are stuff I bought, while the others were given to me by brands/sponsors. I received all of these over the past couple of months. I kept the boxes on purpose so I could show them to you! Think of this as something like an unboxing post! :)

First up, a package from BNTNews International! That's right – it's my Beauty Box for November! Just like last time, I'll be doing reviews for all of these soon. (Actually, I might be posting the first one later tonight, so please watch out for it!)

More Korean skincare things! Got my hands on the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, which is always sold out EVERYWHERE. I got it from Skincare Curator for P550. Also, I finally went and bought Benton's Snail Bee High Content Essence. I was scared that this might not work for me, that I might be allergic to bee venom or something, but thankfully that wasn't the case! This has been working so well for me, especially in healing fresh scars. And I got mine at a decent price, too – P650 from Philosophie!

Even more skincare! I ran out of my Hada Labo Shirojyun Lotion a couple of months ago, and I debated for a while whether I should repurchase or try the Gokujyun version. I found someone selling a refill of the Shirojyun on Shopee, so I decided to buy that instead, since I still had the bottle. And since I was on Shopee anyway, I thought I'd look for the Shirojyun Milk as well, so I bought one from there. The Maybelline Micellar Water was just a random purchase – I ran out of my Bifesta last month and wanted to repurchase, but I was told that Mandom had pulled all the Bifesta products out locally, boo! I thought this would be an okay replacement, but it isn't. It's just so-so. It can't even remove waterproof eyeliner well. The label at the back says it's good for taking off light makeup, so it's entirely my fault for expecting it to work just as well as my beloved Bifesta ;____;

Colourpop Donut! I bought it off someone else, so I got it for P200. You can barely see the brand on the tube anymore, too. It was still visible, but I rubbed off most of it. This is my very first Colourpop lip product.. and probably my last. While this is gorgeous bright-but-not-neon-pink color (Colourpop describes it as a bright peach, but it looks pink on me) is the type that I like, it literally feels like I have paint on my lips. The good thing is that it's 100% transfer-proof, so I'll probably be using this for occasions like family events, where I'll have to be constantly kissing titos and titas.

CANMAKE stuff! I bought these during our CANMAKE Beauty Workshop with Kawaii PH, since they were all on sale. I got Perfect Stylist Eyes in 04 Lady Beige and Powder Cheeks in PW25 Sugar Orange (as suggested by Allie!). They're both really pretty, but not quite what I was looking for. I was actually looking for Perfect Stylist Eyes in 05 Pinky Chocolat, which has more pink in it. I might still give this a try, to see if it looks nice on me. As for the Powder Cheeks, Sugar Orange is a pretty shade, but not quite the orange I was looking for. This is has a lot more pink in it than it appears in the pan, so it looks more peachy on me. Still great for daily use, so I'll be using it still. But my search for the orange blush continues!

My new lenses from K-lenspop also arrived in the mail! This time I got green and grey. As usual, I will be reviewing these soon!

And lastly, pretty lace-up shoes from Something Borrowed! A birthday gift for myself ♥ I initially bought these heels from Zalora's in-house brand, but had them returned. It was such a letdown, honestly, because I'd been staring at them even before my birthday.. only to find that they weren't as pretty as they seemed in the photos. I was able to buy these with the refunded credits, at least. And these are way prettier, even!

That's it for my haul post! I included links for the skincare items since a lot of people have been asking me where I get my Asian skincare things. I actually get them from a myriad of places (I like to compare prices like a crazy person), but the ones I mentioned above are my favorites. Also, like I said, I'll be putting up reviews of the items in this post soon. The BNTNews International Beauty Box items will be up first! Please look forward to it, and thank you for reading! ♥

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