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Though I already did a life lately post last month, a lot of things happened on the last couple of days of October, plus I attended an event earlier this month, so I suddenly have a ton of photos to share! Here's a post-Halloween update.. of sorts.

For the past few years, Aian and I have been doing mini photoshoots every Halloween, but this year we didn't have enough time to prepare for a shoot, so we made do with taking selfies! (But even though this was supposed to be a Halloween shoot, we just look like our usual selves, lol.)

I think I look somewhat different though! My new hazel contacts from PinkyParadise came in so I used those, plus I tried using colors that I don't normally use for makeup like deep burgundy and purple. Sadly though, my makeup's barely noticeable in these photos, haha ;;

Speaking of Halloween, I heard Pokemon GO had a Halloween event going on so I played it again after a while. I'm still super weak, but at least I finally got my Gengar!! I caught all the Gastlys I could find and finally got enough for a Gengar heheh!

Aian and I attended ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit) with friends last Sunday. It was our very first time attending this event, so we were surprised at how well-organized the event was. There were a lot of games being played on big screens, plus games that you can demo, etc. I can't really expound because I'm not much of a gamer or game enthusiast – all I know is that there were A TON of games, lol.

Besides, the only reason I was at ESGS in the first place was to serve as moral support for Aian, who went there to meet Koji Igarashi, the producer of a lot of the titles from the Castlevania game series. I honestly believe that meeting the people who've helped shape who you are as a person is a big deal, so I was really happy that Aian got to do just that.

I also saw these two cuties at the event - Nechi and Leny ♥ The last time we saw each other was in August, so I was happy to meet them there!

When we left the event we actually headed to Powerplant Rockwell afterwards to play! I finally got to try playing MaiMai – it was super fun! But I suck at rhythm games in general, so I still need a lot of practice. After that we had dinner at CoCo Ichibanya. The besttt.

It's finally November, which means Peppermint Mocha season is here!! (Which means we finally have a reason to go to Starbucks again, lol.)

Last Sunday, I was at SM Southmall for the Tale of the Winter Forest event. Everything was so pretty!!
UPDATE: Blogged about the event here!

We went bowling with friends after the event. I can't remember the last time I went bowling, so I enjoyed it a lot! Bowling always makes me super competitive though, so I think I pushed myself a bit. I can still feel my thighs and my right arm hurting until now..

Current skincare situation! I still can't believe I have and use this much skincare stuff now, but my current skin condition is the best it's been ever since I hit puberty so.. lol. I actually have a few (about.. 5 or 6) products left on my skincare wishlist, and I plan to replace my cleanser and first essence with Cosrx stuff once I use them up. Still, I'm only a few steps away from completing my ideal skincare routine, woop!

And oh, I just wanted to share this app I've been using a lot recently – it's called SNOW, and it's something like a Korean Snapchat. I installed it sometime before Halloween because almost everyone I was following on Instagram was using it, and I had so much fun playing with the filters that I kept it. These two above, plus the peach cheeks and cat ones I used for the photos with Nechi and Leny, are my current favorites!

We had these two babies neutered and spayed last month, so that brings us to a total of 6 out of 7 neutered/spayed kitties! We only have one female kitten left to be brought to be spayed, and after that we're done! No more worrying about kitties getting pregnant, lol.

The new season of anime started quite a while back, but I've only been watching these two. One is the new season of Haikyuu!!, which started early October, and the other is Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan, which started last Summer. The two are SUPER DIFFERENT in terms of story and animation quality, but I really like them both! For different reasons of course, heheh. The reason why I don't watch a lot of anime is because I'm extremely picky – I have to like both the story and the animation quality. If I don't like the animation, I'd rather stick to the manga (if there is one), which is why I usually don't watch anime adaptations. I can forgive bad animation only if the anime is really, REALLY funny, like Saiki Kusuo!

As for music, these days I've been listening to the same things since there aren't a lot of new releases that I like, but I just recently discovered this band called カラスは真っ白 or "A crow is white", who describe themselves as a Japanese pop "Kawaii" band. I can't describe music very well, but I know the type of music that I like, so when I hear something that matches my tastes, I just know. For this band, the music (the bass!!!!) and the vocals are exactly the type that I like listening to when working on stuff, so I instantly liked them. You can listen to them on Spotify here.

And that's all! The photos in this post were taken on just four different days, but since there were a ton of events I ended up taking a lot. I actually have a lot more, but they're mostly just haul photos, so I'll save those for a separate post :)

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