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October 19, 2016 No comments

October is my birth month, so I'm always excited whenever this time of the year comes around. This year though, I haven't really done much besides eat lots of good food. (Which is, when I think about it, is probably the best way to spend my birth month, after all.) So this edition of Life Lately is a what-have-I-been-up-to-(and-stuffing-my-face-with)-this-month edition!

Aian and I started the month by attending both days of Cosplay Mania, which I blogged about previously.

Recently I've been curling my hair a lot, especially my fringe, but on "normal" days I just leave my hair as it is. Daily makeup is much simpler also – I've ditched the foundation routine and am using a BB cushion instead.

It's been a while since we last ate at Ikkoryu, so I couldn't really remember what their ramen tasted like. It was okay, but doesn't beat my favorite Yushoken. I did like that they were playing a lot of recent songs though – LADYBABY, ONE OK ROCK, Silent Siren, etc.

After a long time of not having this drink, I ordered it again and liked it. Dark Mocha Frappuccino with mint syrup! Tastes nothing like their Peppermint Mochas, but it's alright. I know some people don't like Starbucks, but I have a baby's taste so I quite like their drinks.

One of my favorite food in the world is sugared donuts, the kind with coarse sugar, and these little ones are the best. I usually make a big fuss when I see these in malls, because I rarely get to eat them. I like mine with plain sugar, but I tried cinnamon flavor this time and it was SO GOOD.

I had my hair cut again! I wanted the layers to be more defined, so they look nice when I curl them when my hair grows out.

Ice Flower for the second time. If you remember, I blogged about it here, but I'll make a proper post about it soon. This time, I had Black Sesame bingsu. SO GOOD and goes well with the azuki beans. It even has tiny pieces of mochi inside. Also not too sweet, which is just my thing.

Last Saturday, Kawaii PH and Canmake Philippines had a Beauty Workshop at the Kawaii PH HQ, and Ashley, Anne, and I were teaching. I was late because of South to North traffic, and was panicking by the time I got there, so I don't have a lot of photos. I only took a grand total of *drumroll* 2 photos. If you'd like to see more, go check out Mica's blogpost (which is where I got some of the photos above, actually) here.

Last but not least, I turned 27 last Sunday. We spent it at Rockwell, where we had dinner at CoCo Ichibanya. My first CoCoIchi curry! I loved it because I got to choose the least spicy curry, heh. Then, we went to Powerplant to play at the arcades for a bit until closing time, and then hung out at Starbucks after for coffee and stories. Pretty chill but fun birthday celebration, which was exactly how I wanted to spend it.

And on that note, I'd just like to thank everyone who greeted me (and this pudding baby on my shoulder, who couldn't even be bothered to look at the camera) a happy birthday. Means the world to me, really. Thank you all for making me feel special and loved always ♥ ♥ ♥

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