TONYMOLY Cheektone Single Blusher in P07 Orange Shower

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Hey everyone! I'm back with a supposedly quick makeup review that somehow became quite long while I was typing it.. yet again! I bought this item late last month, and only got to take photos of it recently. (Even though I was super excited to show it to everyone!) It's TONYMOLY's Cheektone Single Powder Blusher in P07 Orange Shower (灬ºωº灬) ♥

TONYMOLY Cheektone Single Blusher (Powder) in P07 Orange Shower
₱378 (4.2g of product – does not come with brush)


TONYMOLY claims: "Natural powder type blusher that adheres smoothly with clear vivid touch. Adhesiveness, spreadability, color staying upgrade. Fine powder that goes on smoothly without clogging as if it is enveloping the skin. Natural as a watercolor painting, as if putting a translucent layer on top of the skin. Color pigments are coated with clear and vivid color that are long lasting."

I've been looking for a nice orange blush for quite some time, but the ones I've used until now are either too orange for everyday use (think neon orange), or not orange enough. I previously used an orange version of Daiso's Ellefar Multicheek Blusher (beige version reviewed here). It was okay, especially for an P88 blusher – just not orange enough for my liking. I then saw this in one of my favorite Korean blogger Ju Ah Hyeon's posts, so I thought I'd try it out!


I think it's already obvious from the name, but the packaging for this line was inspired by Pantone! For me, Pantone-inspired products are always cute, so I was more than happy to add this to my makeup bag. (I also liked the color of the box itself, so I got a bit inspired for these photos and used books with similar colors as the background heheh ♥)

Also, apparently these single blushers are magnetic, so you can remove them from the white casing and transfer to a magnetic pan if you have one. I'll be keeping it in the case, since like this it's easier to bring with me when I travel.


The Cheektone Powder Blusher line actually has more than just one orange color, so I had a bit of a hard time choosing which one to get. Between P04 and P07, I think the latter is more orange..? (I swatched both of them on my arm and I honestly had no idea what the difference was! I just went with the color that Ah Hyeon had, which is P07, haha.)

The tangerine color is SO PRETTY, but scared me a bit when I swatched it. Just look how bright it is! Thankfully, blended out it looks really natural. What I like about it is that it really does seem to give a watercolor effect when blended out. Texture is smooth and not chalky at all. But here's something I only realized when I applied it on my cheeks—even though it looks matte in the pan, when applied it appears to have a gold sheen to it. So I'm assuming the blush itself actually has tiny gold shimmers.

Under natural light

Under indoor lighting


I've only worn this once – it was a humid day and we all went out to watch a movie and had coffee afterwards (outside, that means humidity x 10). When we got home—approximately 7 hours after—the blush was still on my face. It might have faded a little bit, since my face was an oily mess that day, but not enough for it to disappear completely.


Pretty affordable at P378. In my opinion, it's a bit hard to find a good true orange blush for this price point, so I'd say this is an okay price. The downside is that for that price, you still have to buy the brush separately (only if you need it).

As far as I know, the Cheektone line is not limited edition, so it's readily available in all TONYMOLY stores. I bought mine from the TONYMOLY kiosk inside SM Department Store, but you can also buy them online via BeautyMNL. (For international buyers, you can purchase this via YesStyle or other K-beauty stores such as Jolse or RoseRoseShop.)


I really, really, really like this blush. It's a very pretty blush, with a decent price tag. Great for everyday looks as well. People looking for a matte orange blush will have to skip this though, since it has shimmers in it. I personally like that the shimmers give a bit of a glow. I'm not gonna lie though, even though it's super pretty, it's still not the orange blush for me. Something that's a bit less on the tangerine side would be nice. (If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!)

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