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September 25, 2016 No comments

Last Friday, Aian and I met up with our friend Satsunyan of Seiyuuri / Seishun Kakumei. We bought a copy of Tan Jiu's SQ for her at MIBF, so we agreed to meet up for it at Town. (Yay South friends!) And since we were in the area anyway, we took the chance to -finally- check out Ice Flower, a Korean dessert cafe in Molito. (Yay bingsu!)

Look at all that bingsu! Satsunyan had Chocolate, I had Blueberry & Cheese (which was the most expensive one ;___;), and Aian had Injeolmi.

Not many photos (other than this bingsu spam), because I was too busy eating and talking about cats with my fellow cat people.

ちゃいにゃん and さつにゃん ♥

Top c/o Club Couture ♥ skirt c/o Yoins ♥ Adidas shoes ♥ Bag c/o Newchic ♥ DIY ribbon choker
Lastly, my super casual outfit, which I just threw together because it was raining on and off that day and I was too lazy to think of a cuter one.
(PS - I promise to do a proper post on Ice Flower next time!)

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