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August 10, 2016 No comments

Photos from last Sunday, taken with the new Instagram Stories function aka Snapstagram. Here's a breakdown, in bullets:

  • Aian and I were in Megamall for a local con, and spent most of the day with friends.
  • Aian went to play at the arcades, while I went to meet up with Ciara.
  • Ciara and I went to the con to watch Ririn perform on stage with Moonspeak.
  • We walked around the con for a bit and I met Mika (of Heroine Complex) and Leny and Nechi (whom I haven't seen in ages).
  • Afterwards, we (Aian, Ciara, Allysa who arrived in the afternoon, and myself) went to have parfait at St. Marc's Cafe
  • Ciara and I then went to check out the purikura booth at Robinsons Galleria.
  • After our purikura session, we went back to Megamall to meet up with Aian and Allysa, and then Ciara went home.
  • The rest of us had dinner at Yabu, and then went home as well.

...and that was my Sunday. There was A LOT of walking involved, but I didn't catch any Pokemon at all, sadly!

A lot of people wanted to see more of my "old stuff"—photos of places I visit, or just random everyday things. Unfortunately, because I've been having trouble with charging my dSLR battery for a long time now (plus because the Canon 5D is hella heavy), I can't bring it around as much as I used to. The good news is, with the new Stories function, I'm now able to share more day to day snaps with everyone using my phone. The only problem is that Instagram Stories hasn't reached the iPhone 5S yet, so I still have to use Aian's phone for it. (This explains the lack of variety in emojis used – I'm sorry.) I'm sure the update will come soon, but in the meantime, please follow my Instagram for more snaps – @_ohmylittlegirl

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