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August 25, 2016 No comments

We found a new spot to hang out near Aian's place! It's Mr. Park's Bread & Cake, a small bakery and cafe in BFRV. I've heard about Mr. Park's from my friends who like cute cafes before, but I never got to visit one until now. This branch seems smaller than the ones I've seen in pictures online, but it's nice and quiet, which I really like. So far we've tried their Chocomint frappe, egg tarts, and their Chocoholic bingsu. I really liked the first two, but the bingsu was just so-so. The Chocomint Frappe was our favorite! It's a great alternative to Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha, which we only ever get during Christmas season. I also liked the egg tarts, but I've become way too used to the taste of Lord Stow's so I keep comparing all the egg tarts I've tasted to theirs. They were still good, but not as good as Lord Stow's. As for the bingsu, it was way too sweet for me, and honestly it was just a bunch of chocolate-flavored cereals and snacks put on top of chocolate ice cream and bananas. The ice was melted halfway when it got to us too, so it looked like chocolate soup after a few minutes. I think next time we're better off trying the Red Bean or Fruits bingsu, since I feel those won't be too sweet. Overly sweet bingsu aside, I feel like their other offerings such as their breads and savory dishes might be good too – I'll give those a try next time. Service is great too, plus they always have K-POP songs playing, so it's a really feel-good place.

UPDATE (08/30/16)
We've been here at least two more times after I posted this entry, so I thought I'd write a little update. Their cream puffs are REALLY GOOD. (Big thanks to Luie and Den for recommending them!) I also liked their danish pastry, but that's probably because I'm really fond of pastries in general. Aian seemed to like their cinnamon roll as well. A friend on Twitter also mentioned that their jams were good, but I haven't tried them yet. As for drinks, I still have not tried any drinks other than the chocomint frappe.. because chocomint hehe. If I ever do, then I'll maybe update this again ;)

Mr. Park's is right along BF Resort Drive – it's on the right side if you're coming from the main gate, just before you reach the intersection between BF Resort Drive and Gloria Diaz Street. It's nearby Cerealicious Cafe, which is a Pokestop, by the way! It shouldn't be hard to find, especially since their lights are usually so bright during the evenings. They're open almost 24 hours (almost, because they close at some point to clean up, I forgot what time), so it's perfect for us night owls. If you're from BFRV and have an intense love for bread like myself, I definitely recommend checking this place out ♡

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