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June 4, 2016 No comments

Hi everyone! Just the usual life update from me. The past month wasn't very eventful, but I'm trying my best to make this a monthly thing, because I tend to take a ton of photos and I don't want to spam you all with two to three months' worth of photos in one post. So here goes!

Sometime mid-May, I went swimming with Aian and friends at the local swimming pool. I'm still a bit sad that we couldn't go to the beach, but I'm glad I got to swim at least once before summer ended.

My taco craving was satisfied this month! I think I ate like three bowls of this stuff day and night, for three days straight. So good.

It's been raining a lot recently, so we've been going to a local lugawan for breakfast or brunch sometimes.

Some things that caught my eye while on the way back from the lugawan one day: an Adventure Time painting + a grumpy cat hanging at a cafe.

I've been getting more chances to catch Kuya fishball recently. I didn't see him much before. (Useless fact: I really like kwek-kwek with vinegar!)

I finally got to try this after seeing it on all my friends' feeds. It was okay! The coffee taste is a bit strong for me, but that's because I prefer milky drinks in general. I didn't get any palpitations unlike a lot of people claim, but I don't think I can drink this much. My stomach can't handle it.

This fatty celebrated his 2nd birthday recently! Mimi has been with us for two whole years~!

This baby, too, celebrated his birthday last month. Ame is now a year old! Hopefully his siblings are doing okay, as well~

As for these three gremlins.. they're doing great. Three months and all are very healthy!

This one seems to think she's a sloth, though..

Since there are six of them in Aian's home now, I talked him into buying a 10kg bag of cat food instead of always buying the 2kg version. It's a lot cheaper and lasts longer. We feed them all Royal Canin, since it's the only one that doesn't cause problems for Nora.

I had curry twice last month! First was at Pepper Lunch, and the second at Yabu. I still want to eat at CoCo Ichibanya soon, but these will have to do.

How many cats..? It's really nice to see all our cats getting along like this. Very soothing.

Lastly, I got a haircut again just a few days ago! Back to short hair now. I think I got around 2 inches chopped off. I wanted to go shorter but summer's almost over so I didn't think it would work well with the colder weather (rainy season) coming in.

The last month was very chill for me; nothing of exceptional significance, other than that one day that we went swimming. Most of the time I just work on creating content for the blog (of which 80% still hasn't been finished yet), and during our free time we watch stuff like Running Man or anime. (Speaking of anime, we just started watching Monogatari Series: Second Season last month and eventually caught up to the more recent seasons. We're currently watching Koyomimonogatari. The whole series is so good that watching it made me want to buy the translated novels!) I wish I could tell you more exciting stories but my life is pretty boring overall, sadly. Like I mentioned earlier, I really wish we could've gone out of town this summer, but everyone's super busy so we didn't get the chance to. Hopefully an adventure awaits us in the near future~ _(:3」∠)_

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