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May 1, 2016 No comments

Something a bit different from my usual 4x4 posts – this time I'm featuring not four Instagrams, but just one! I know it defeats the purpose of this series being called 4x4, as it's supposed to be 4 photos from 4 Instagram accounts, but anyway.

If you're one of the people that read all the things I ramble about on my personal posts (and my even ramblier Twitter), then you'd know that I only ever stan two K-POP groups – f(x) and WINNER. That doesn't mean I don't like and listen to a lot of other groups as well. I also like BIG BANG, Akdong Musician, EXID, etc. But the thing is, for me, I feel like the only ever time you should say you stan a group is if you love all of the members and if you're up to date with all their releases, and even their recent shows, interviews, and performances. Of course I'm not at the level where I'm willing to wait outside hotels just to get a glimpse of my bias (that's way too hardcore for my life), but you get the point.

So why am I saying all this? It's because these days I've been listening to this one group a lot. If you haven't figured it out from the photos above – it's Oh My Girl ♥ They're a fairly new girl group that debuted in 2015. The thing that caught my attention was, you guessed it, the name! Someone on my F-list posted a link to their MV, and because I got curious, I checked it out. I was hooked after that. I began looking at their performance videos and I remember thinking how I wanted to wear their costumes, haha! I didn't start listening to their music until very recently though, since during their debut I wasn't sure if I really liked their style of music. But with their latest release, I found myself liking them more and more. It also helps that I like their concepts a lot, too! My K-POP loving friends and I actually joke that Oh My Girl is actually produced by me, haha!

So will I finally start stanning this group? We'll see! For now, I hope you like the outfits that I chose from their official Instagram. These are outfits that the group wore during their live performances. Don't these look like they came from my own wardrobe? (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

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