style inspo | Horikita Maki in pink

March 19, 2016 No comments

I've said it tons of times before, and I'll say it again – pink is my absolute favorite color. My wardrobe is probably 50% pink and 50% other colors. No pink, no life! So when I saw these photos of Horikita Maki in this pink-themed shoot for ar 04/16, I knew I just had to share them with everyone. Because when I love a certain thing, I make sure to constantly shove it in people's faces until they start loving it too, lol.

My favorite would have to be the playful pink look. I can imagine myself wearing this, but with a pink sukajan to top it off! I also like the romantic pink look and the street pink look. The cute two-piece swimsuit from the catchy pink pieces caught my eye as well. I really like all of them though, they look like outfits that I'd actually wear. But then again, I love pink like a crazy person, so all of this is just my (extremely) biased opinion, haha!

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