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Two weeks ago. Finally got the chance to go out after staying indoors during the whole of APEC Summit week. Aian and I went to Makati - I attended an event while he stayed behind to play at the arcade. I was really hungry after the event so we had katsucurry for lunch, which I had a hard time finishing. By the way, before this, I never really liked curry. I don't like spicy food. Or more like, my taste buds can't tolerate it at all. The only reason I tried curry is because Allysa and Aian managed to convince me that Japanese curry isn't so spicy.. so I gave in. Now I crave for it every few days or so v___v

The lighting at Aian's place is really bad, so I have nothing to take photos of.. other than these three.

Peppermint Mochas are finally back in Starbucks, so we've been visiting more often. At this rate we might end up with two planners!

The weather was nice and cloudy for a few days in November, so I got to shoot an outfit I couldn't do in normal Manila weather. Maji angel~

More photos of these three butts.

Wearing the ‪I am IDOL‬ shirt that I won from Tokyo Girls' Update. What makes it extra special is that it's signed by Silent Siren's Suu and Yukarun~! All my thanks to Sachi for letting me know about the giveaway ; v ; (Btw, I am actually not an idol, but my friends from Seishun Kakumei definitely are!)

Quick snap of Aian. I was testing the Night Mode on the Zenfone, but I didn't like the colors so I made the photo black and white.

Natural makeup look, for going out to have dinner with family. I didn't want them to get culture shock, so..

Found some of my old books while digging around at home. I bought that copy of The Alchemist when I was 13, I think!

The convenience store near Aian's place is under new management, and the new owner brought in a lot of things, like this fancy vending machine.

Car selca on the way to ATC. We were in a hurry that day, so I didn't have enough time to do makeup.. so I skipped the concealer for my undereye circles ;; Didn't even have time to take a photo of my outfit, which I regretted afterwards because my outfit was kinda cute ; v ;

Photos while waiting for Aian to finish playing ~

Since it was free on the App Store, I finally got to play Monument Valley! It's so beautiful that I ended up playing til the end in only a few hours ;;

Designer eyebags that not even the Beautification function can hide, lol. // I found out that the vending machine at the nearby konbini has milk tea!! but I haven't tried this brand yet so I dunno if it's good or not. Also it's a bit expensive.. you can buy Mineshine for almost the same price;;

Typical blue sky + clouds + cables photo. Reminds me a bit of Asian Kung Fu Generation's album covers ~

Life lately, late November to early December 2015 edition. Also, an excuse to post a ton of test photos using my new ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. All photos, except for the one with my books in it, were taken with the Zenfone!

This will probably be one of my last few blogposts for this year. Probably. I do have a couple more planned, but since I'll be out of the country from the 18th til the 22nd (and I'm guessing a lot of holiday events will be happening after that), I'm not sure if I can squeeze in that many posts before the year ends. The Kawaii PH Year-End Party is happening on the 12th, and Comic Fiesta is on the 19th-20th, so I still have a ton of things to write about.. but the issue is the lack of tiiime. It'll all depend on how busy things will get, I think. We'll see! For now――

Making: a schedule for our KL trip
Drinking: water. Need to drink at least 2 liters a day
Reading: manga updates
Wanting: milk tea but I can't justify paying P40 for it
Looking: forward to the Kawaii PH Year-End Party!
Playing: Monument Valley
Deciding: whether to just have my bangs trimmed or have my hair cut shoulder length like last time
Enjoying: listening to Primary and the Messengers
Waiting: for an email from Comic Fiesta
Liking: how my face looks without my fringe recently
Loving: the Zenfone 2 Laser's Beautification function. I haven't shut up about it since I first got this phone, lol
Hoping: we have enough time to prepare everything for Aian's booth at Comic Fiesta. We haven't even started yet ;;
Considering: getting a new theme for my blog. A lot of friends have been moving on to WordPress recently. I've thought about doing so but I can't really deal with stuff like self-hosting my blog, etc. I might just look for a nice, clean, responsive theme instead.
Needing: to buy a decent primer. I just ran out of my Canmake one. I don't know any good ones under P500
Wearing: a grey T-shirt and my PE shorts from uni
Following: all of WINNER on Instagram!
Noticing: that I've gotten much better at SIF compared to when I first started playing
Knowing: I should study the venue map for CF
Thinking: of where to go for our one free day in KL
Admiring: people who can make nice travel vlogs
Buying: presents and such for friends
Getting: SO EXCITED for Comic Fiesta! Just 9 more days!!
Bookmarking: more and more photoblogs. I've been enjoying using Bloglovin with the bigger screen on the Zenfone 2 Laser
Disliking: the more / read more feature on Instagram
Feeling: like a grandma. My body hurts all over..
Coveting: all of Aritaum's Water Sliding, Color Lasting, and World Glam Coating Tints
Wishing: that the rest of this month goes by smoothly until the end of 2015 _(:3 」∠)_
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