2015—the year of friends

December 29, 2015 No comments

Since the New Year is in just three more days, I figured an end-of-the-year appreciation post was in order. And so here it is, my 2015 thank-you post. Or, to be more precise, a dump of all the photos I've taken with and of all my precious friends this past year. It's kind of funny how I planned this to be a detailed thank-you post, only to realize that my year was filled with all the same people, heheh. Not that I mind, really! ♥

First and foremost, Seishun Kakumei ♥ Kawaii PH's cheerleaders from Day 1. Jessica, Sachi, Ririn, Kang, Ciara, Kat, Kams, Kim, Donna, Sakura, plus fellow SK fangirls Ingrid, Ysa, and Banana (omg did I miss anyone??). I sometimes wish I could've met you all earlier, so we could've had more fun times together, but I'd like to believe this timing was just right. それは僕たちの奇跡 — isn't it just so fitting? Thank you all for the fun year, and here's to even more years of friendship to come ♥ You are all A-MA-ZING and by now you should already know how much I love you ♥

My LARME girls! Ashley, Kaye, Chichi, Nona, Mica.. plus Yool heheheh. I'm always looking for new ideas for our future photoshoots, so I really hope we get to do a lot more of them next year! You girls always keep me inspired, I love you ♥

My Kawaii PH family + friends I've made through Kawaii PH. Before Kawaii PH existed, if you asked me if I had friends I'd probably just give you five names – now I can't even count them all! I've met a lot of great people through this community and I can never be thankful enough!

And of course, the Kawaii PH core team — Kaila, Chichi, Anne, Mikee, Kaye, and Reese (who isn't in this photo /cry) — for creating this community and bringing us all together ♥ Kawaii PH is one of the best things to have happened to me, may it be for this year or this lifetime ♥

Hanie, my fellow otaku-blogger heheh. We've only met twice (the first time was CF last year, the second time last week) but I think of her as a very good friend. I like that we can talk about a lot of things like anime and Jfashion and dokusha models. It's a bit sad that I only get to see her once a year, but it's something I always look forward to. Hopefully next year we'll get to hang out and spend more time together ♥♥

Mieko, who never fails to meet me every time I visit KL, even if it's just for an hour or two. Thank you for coming to meet us even though you had work that day. I promise to save one whole day for you next time! Love love love you ♥

Aian, for everything. I have been saying this every year for the past 6 years, but I still cannot say it enough — thank you ♥

And last but not least, all the family, friends, readers, supporters, brands, and partners who have been part of my 2015. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope everyone's having an amazing holiday season. Happy New Year, and see you all in 2016!

Seasons Greetings, from my children! xx

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