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October 24, 2015 No comments

Dinner at Ramen Yushoken with Aian // Common Room PH pop-up at ATC // burgers and donuts and cake // Korean BBQ dinner at Go!Kizip (for the third time) // sudden Megamall hangout over parfaits, curry, and Starbucks with Aian and Allysa

Life lately, birthday edition! I turned 26 just last week, on the 16th. I spent the day itself with Aian, the next couple of days with family, and the rest of the week with my babycats. My birthday week was celebrated with food - lots of it. Ramen, burgers, donuts, samgyeopsal, parfait.. By just the third day I already felt like I gained 5kg, haha. I've probably eaten enough food this past week to last me til the end of 2015 _(:3 」∠)_

Making: a checklist for building an Asian skincare routine, so far I have 4 out of 12 (!!) products
Drinking: water. How does one keep track of how many glasses they drink in a day, exactly?
Reading: the latest chapter of One Piece
Wanting: so much to eat at Yushoken again
Looking: at possible planner choices for 2016
Playing: LoveLive! - Eli event on the JP server!
Deciding: to focus on skincare. There's a ton of new makeup things I want to try, but they'll take a back seat for now.
Enjoying: SSIN-nim's Youtube videos!
Waiting: for f(x)'s album to drop! We have a date!!
Liking: the self-timer function on the iPhone's front cam. I always have a hard time taking selcas since I can't press the capture button on the screen, so the self-timer helps a lot! I actually can't believe I tried using it just recently..
Wondering: what to do for Halloween this year
Loving: the MV for IU's Twenty-three
Hoping: I can complete my skincare checklist by next year. Most of the items I want are expensive, so.. ; v ;
Considering: growing my fringe out again
Watching: LoveLive! 2015 Dream Sensation ♥
Needing: to work on this one makeup tutorial that's been sleeping in my blog's drafts for a while now
Wearing: a Uniqlo x Moomin UT
Following: the #fx4walls tag on Twitter!! So hyped!!
Noticing: how big our babycats have grown ♡
Knowing: things can only get better
Thinking: of styling ideas for a shoot I'm planning
Admiring: the work of Min Heejin,
Sorting: photos I've saved on the PC for inspiration
Buying: COSRX's BHA Blackhead Power Liquid & AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from The Skincare Curator
Getting: quite addicted to learning about the science behind skincare - the importance of pH, the use of acids, etc.
Bookmarking: a ton of threads on /r/AsianBeauty
Disliking: how slow I am at finishing blogposts ;___;
Opening: my email every two minutes
Feeling: very sluggish these past few days
Coveting: all of TadeAya's outfits (also, HER HAIR)
Wishing: I could be more assertive. I think assertiveness is an essential life skill.. which I don't have enough of
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