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September 20, 2015 No comments

Beloved lovely brands~ Freshly picked new autumn coordinates flash report! Cute autumn coordinates from nine brands well-loved by CUTiE girls: Virginis, Katie, Candy Stripper, EATME by Tsubasa Masuwaka, Honey mi Honey, Rosarymoon, Swankiss, Honey Salon

Aside from LARME, CUTiE has been one of my favorite magazines to look at for inspiration recently. In September 2014, CUTiE did a major overhaul* of their branding. I picked up a copy of their November 2014 issue while I was in KL, and I fell in love. The content of CUTiE is a lot more whimsical now than before. A lot more girly and a lot more playful, which is just my style. This month's issue had a lot of autumn coordinates, but this was what caught my eye immediately. I already knew most of these brands, so I was happy to see more brands that had a similar feel to them. I also liked that they had a lot of black, grey, and muted pink items -- colors that I don't mind wearing all year round, haha! My favorite coordinates would have to be the ones from Virginis and Honey Salon. Katie's and Candy Stripper's are really cute too, for a more laid-back look. I love Swankiss as a brand, but sometimes I can't imagine myself wearing their items because they can be too over-the-top cute, so I was glad to see how they put a more wearable outfit on the model. What about you, which one do you like? (*˘︶˘*)

* Sadly though, right before they released their September 2015 issue, they announced the suspension of the beloved magazine. I don't think they'll be discontinuing CUTiE entirely, since they only said they'd be "taking a break", but I'm not sure if they'll return with this version of the magazine either. We can only wish! (╯•﹏•╰)

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