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September 12, 2015 No comments

It honestly feels like my whole look is becoming more feminine as time goes by, doesn't it? But believe it or not, I used to dislike pink when I was younger (gasp). I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, and apparently some schoolkids believed that liking pink and being a tomboy just didn't go together. (Why do some kids think like this, anyway??) I didn't want to be teased because of it, so whenever someone asked me what my favorite color was, I'd immediately say yellow (like the other girl Power Ranger that was NOT pink) or purple or some other color. This stuck with me for so long that even though I grew out of my tomboy phase I still didn't have a favorite-favorite - I just went with a color that felt like a favorite at the time. I think I only started liking pink by the time I turned twenty, when I discovered how pretty muted pinks can be, and eventually I came to love it. In fact, at present, about 60% of my personal belongings are pink, haha!

Aside from my love for the color pink, recently I've been accumulating a number of girly things. Velvet ribbons, lace dresses, dainty accessories.. The most recent addition to my growing collection is this lovely statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. I've always thought of statement necklaces to be too loud for my personal style, so I was quite surprised to find one that matched my taste quite well! The design is sooo cute. I'm in awe at how it manages to add extra sparkle to my look, in spite of its size. And true to the store's name, just wearing this necklace (or even just seeing it on my table!) boosts my mood instantly. I love it ♡

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