Beyond The Cutest Dreams: the Kawaii PH Book Launch

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Hi everyone! It's been a looong time -- more than one! whole! month! since my last post! おまたせしました〜ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ I apologize for always coming and going as I please! To make up for it, today's post will be extra special ~ my (overly delayed) event report of Beyond The Cutest Dreams, the Kawaii PH Book Launch! Held last June 17th at SM Megamall, this event marked the launch of the first ever book on kawaii culture and lifestyle in the Philippines! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧

I arrived at the event venue at around lunch time. Since the event proper starts at 6PM, there weren't that many people by the time I got there.
Of course, the very first thing I did was take a selca with the super cute event area~ fail focusing skillz, I know ;;

The huge Kawaii PH letters that have been around since Kawaii in Manila 2~!

Kawaii PH Store! Lots of items from Little Miss Paintbrush, Whimsicute, and Dolly Kaye

For every purchase of the Kawaii PH Book, one attendee plus his/her friend could go into the venue and participate in the various activities. One of the activities was "Kawaii-fying" Converse sneakers! Attendees who came in wearing their Converse sneakers could go in and customize them using materials provided!

Aian was also asked to do the activity as well, he even brought his own art materials for it~

There was also this huge Converse sneaker that attendees could doodle on!

Converse sneakers on display + a really cute attendee!! When I she first entered the event area, she caught my eye immediately! I kept asking the people around me, "Who's the girl who came in wearing Monomania and Tokyo Bopper?!?!" She looked cool and cute * u *

Kawaii PH = positivity + happiness! This was for a short clip for a feature on Chinatown TV, dunno if they ever aired it, haha!

My love Ashley and me!! We both loved that little sakura tree, so we took a looot of photos with it!

The lovely little Taco-chan ; v ; ♡

Another activity that attendees could enjoy was DIY button pin making! I wanted to try this out but I was too busy running around u w u

Around 5PM, people started pouring in. Was so happy to see so many kawaii culture enthusiasts come out to the launch!

The program started at 6PM, with the super bubbly Jessica as our host ♡

One of the highlights of the event - an acoustic set by Reese ♡ You can watch her performing Trophy Boy here!

There were also games in between activities, where the contestants could win prizes from our generous sponsors!

Another highlight of that evening was a performance by J-pop dance cover group, Seishun Kakumei~! You can watch their performace of μ's Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki here, as well as their two other dance numbers from the event on their Facebook page!

And of course, what's a kawaii culture event without kawaii fashion? I spent most of that day running after all the fashionable attendees and taking their photos!

Ulzzang Pistol x Taco Cat (Seiun Girl) = Pistol Girl

More photos with the sakura tree! I realized while editing these that I took so many photos with that tree as the backdrop, haha!

Everyone who got fashion-snapped at the event had the chance to win prizes by showing off their outfits on stage! (Photos taken by Alex! Thank you!!) I'm so happy to see so many people in kawaii fashion and even Harajuku-inspired fashion, compared to earlier years when you could only see 10 at most, even at ACG events. Just shows that more and more J-culture lovers in the Philippines are becoming inspired to dress up in the fashion/style that they like!

After the event, we had a mini-signing session where everyone got to exchange and write messages on each other's books ♥

...aaand that's it for my Kawaii PH Book Launch report! °˖✧◝(︶▽︶)◜✧˖°

Special thanks to our friend for providing photos of the event for this post~! All photos with a watermark © Jaimee Delos Santos!

Congrats to everyone in the Kawaii PH family for a successful event, especially to Kaila and ChiChi who I know spent so many sleepless nights to make this project a reality!! Also, thank you for giving me a chance to become a part of all of this. Kawaii PH projects and events always give me a feeling of fulfillment ♥ You can purchase the Kawaii PH Book at upcoming events, or via the Kawaii PH Store for only P200, with proceeds going to the Kawaii Fund ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

And, as usual, to end this post, I'll leave you all with a video of the event by Armaine. Have a lovely rest of the week, everyone ✿

Kawaii PH Book Launch Highlights Video

Kawaii PH Book 1: Beyond The Cutest DreamsJune 17, 201510AM-9PML/G Event Center, Mega A, SM #BeyondTheCutestDreamsBook price via Kawaii PH store: P200 (proceeds will go to #KawaiiFund - -♦ ♦ ♦[Sponsors]Horizon of the Sun Communications IncAsian Television ContentConverse PhilippinesAll Nippon AirwaysSM MegamallIllumina Digital PrintingYoshinoyaR SquareThe Dimsum PlacePure Snacks Food house CorporationLucy Pop JapanVenue sponsored by SM SupermallsOrganized by Kawaii PH Team / (in partnership with Horizon of The Sun Communications Inc.)[Video] Armaine Yapyuco / The Dream Machine <3 [Music]Ulzzang Pistol- 낭비/Waste(ft. 은오조/Eunoh) sans vocals- Mus.hiba- Sofa (Ulzzang Pistol RMX) [ZLEP-17][Youtube Version]

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