School of Kawaii Lesson 2: Complete the Kawaii Look

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Hi everyone! I apologize for being missing in action recently; some real-life things happened that took me out of the loop for a while. But I'm back, and with a fresh (yet extremely delayed) new post, yay! ٩(。•ω•。)و As I mentioned in my previous post, last May 23rd was the date of the second School of Kawaii workshop, Complete the Kawaii Look with Ashley, Anne, and myself! (In case you missed it, I wrote about the first workshop here.) Like I said, it was my very first time doing a workshop. I was assigned to talk about makeup and beauty, which is currently my faaavorite thing to talk about. I used to be so into fashion but now, I spend more time reading about makeup and skincare than anything else. Since I've also been doing the makeup for my models for my personal shoots, we thought it would be a good idea to do a makeup demo as well. I felt more at ease that there were three of us teaching, but I was still very nervous! Public speaking + the pressure of wanting to do the makeup properly = sooo intense! Really nerve-wracking, but it turned out to be a fun experience! (灬´ 艸`灬)

The first part of the workshop was Ashley's part - Fashion. Anne helped during this part! I arrived quite late (as always.... I apologize), so I only got to catch a little bit of it, but it seemed really fun! Ashley brought a lot of her magazines and explained different styles. She also brought some of her clothes and did a styling demo. What I love about Ashley is that she can mix her J-fashion inspired style with her own flavor, and she even makes it suitable for Manila weather!

She also brought a lot of cute items from Japan for the Kawaii PH Store pop-up booth at the event! You can check out her shop here!

Cutie Kaye and her Sailor Moon inspired dress, which she made herself~!

A different kind of selfie-pod, hahaha!

During this time, the students were doing Ashley's "posing" activity! I thought it was really cute to see them do different poses, haha!

FaceTime with the School of Kawaii Dean Kaila, hahaha! Giving us moral support, all the way from Japan~!

We had a short break before my part started, so we took a looot of photos during this time!

Pretty girls with matching ~*~anti-social~*~ hats, hahaha!

For my lecture, because I was talking about not just makeup but also beauty, I wanted to show everyone how makeup can transform a person. Not necessarily transform a person into someone different, but a better and much more confident (and in turn, much more beautiful or kawaii) version of his/herself.

My pretty model Reika, who was also encouraging me the entire time!

During my part, some of the students did their makeup along with me! It was quite fun to watch.

One thing I realized during the whole thing: public speaking while doing makeup on someone else is really hard! ;______;

Makeup done~! So glad I managed to pull it off, even though I made a lot of mistakes. I promise to do better next time~!

All the pretty and very eager-to-learn students~ I was so happy that everyone participated during my part! I hope you all learned a lot ; v ; ♥

Since I took so long to finish my demo, the students had their lunches while listening to Anne's lecture ;; Anne's part, which is about Photography, was very informative! She explained the basics and the technical side of photography, but made it really simple by explaining everything in layman's terms! She even provided a handy "cheat sheet" for everyone's convenience! (I also took one for myself, because I really needed it, haha!)

After her lecture, she asked the students to apply what they've learned by taking photos. At the same time, she gave each of the students feedback on their work.

After all three parts of the workshop finished, we took a short break so everyone could enjoy their food + check out the pop-up booth~

We also took this time to take even more photos ☆

With my friends from Seishun Kakumei, who gave me their own brand of SK moral support~! Thank you so much for being there!! ♥

And of course, with the Kawaii PH team from that day~! With the special participation of Ashley's standee, haha!

Special thanks to Francis and Ronnel for the amazing photos of the event~!

And that was Lesson 2 from School of Kawaii~! Thank you so much to all our cute students, to The Bunny Baker Cafe for accommodating us, and all our lovely sponsors: AOMOJI-KEI MANILA, La Princesse Tea Doll & Prettyfab! As usual, you can read more about this day here, on the Kawaii Philippines website! To end this post, I'll leave you all with a short video of the workshop by Armaine. Have a lovely rest of the week, everyone ✿

School of Kawaii Workshop #2: Complete The Kawaii Look

School of Kawaii Workshop #2: Complete The Kawaii Look[Kawaii Faculty]Chai Mungcal, Anne (, and Candy Kawaii Lover<3 Video by Armaine of The Dream Machine (<3 Music by Ω Ulzzang Pistol 얼짱 Ω ([Sponsors]Thank you AOMOJI-KEI MANILA, Prettyfab and La Princesse Tea Doll for sponsoring items! <3We would like to thank The Bunny Baker for accommodating our community!

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