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Hello! Just a quick post to show that I'm still alive, yay! Sort of. The truth is, I have a ton of posts waiting to be done.. some sitting in my drafts, and some I've yet to start. I don't know if this unproductivity is because of the heat, or if I'm just really lazy by nature.. In the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick Life Lately post ♡

Ashley, Anne, and I had our School of Kawaii workshop, Complete the Kawaii Look, at The Bunny Baker Cafe last March 23rd. If you follow me on Twitter or if we're Facebook friends, you'd know how much I'd been panicking over this. I've never done a makeup demo before, and speaking in front of a large group (read: more than 25 people) is something I'd rather not do.. but I did both in one day. I felt like crying two minutes into my intro. Not to mention it was my first time doing makeup for my model, Reika. Crazy, but I managed to pull it off. Of course not everything went as smooth-sailing as I wanted, but the attendees seemed to like my ~*~lesson~*~ so I guess that's good enough. I'll go into detail when I post about the workshop itself! There's still a hundred or so photos to go through..

The day before that, I was able to do a quick shoot with Leny. (Finally.) This was partly for practice, to see if the makeup I had planned for the demo would look nice, and partly for Baby Kittenish. We were supposed to do this shoot earlier this year, but only got to do it this month since Leny's always so busy!

Picked up these makeup and skincare things while I was out recently: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser, LUSH Mask of Magnaminty, and a Beauty Blender. The cleanser was a repurchase; I'd already emptied my previous one, so I bought another because I really liked it. The Mask of Magnaminty and the Beauty Blender, on the other hand, were impulse buys. Well, sort of. I've actually been wanting to try both of them for quite some time now, since I always see them being raved about on beauty blogs. I just happened to chance upon them at a time where I had money, so I caved in and got them, haha ;;

We recently found out (from Leny, actually!) that a cat cafe -finally- opened in the South. And right in BFRV, too! It's called Le Cat Coffee Shop, and it is super easy to get to from Aian's place - just one trike ride away. We went for the first time last Tuesday and I was SO happy. I kept forgetting to take photos because all the kitties were SO cute. I'll be dropping by again sometime soon, and hopefully I can write a ~*~proper~*~ blog post about it.

Speaking of cats.. one of the stray cats in the village (who we all assume to be Mimi's sister.. or something) decided to bring her kittens to Aian's place. The only problem is, Aian's moving out next week. Since we already have our hands full with our two babycats, we can't take any more in, so right now I'm trying to find people who are willing to give these kitties a new home. I've already found someone willing to take in one of them, so now I only have the other three to worry about..

A few other things that I've been really into lately:

I guess that's pretty much it? Things were a bit intense before we had our workshop, and my mind was constantly on BUSY BUSY BUSY mode, but after the actual workshop I kind of went back to going at things at my own pace, haha. I am currently working on a bunch of fresh new posts, so please watch out for that!

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