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Hi everyone! Long time no blogpost! I know you're all tired of the same "I've been really busy with Life and Things" excuse I always use, so I'm just going to save you all the trouble. Sorry! But here's something to make it up to everyone -- new reviews of shiny new cosmetics, yay! Sometime last March, Anne introduced my fellow Kawaii PH blogger Kat and I to the founder of Prettyfab, Tomoko Kobori-san. We got to talk about a lot of things regarding cosmetics and Filipina beauty.

What is Prettyfab? is an online portal of beauty products both from Japan and Manila where users can sign up, know information about a product, write reviews, and recommend it to their friends. Tomoko Kobori, the CEO of CREATIVEHOPE PH and founder of Prettyfab, understands that women often wonder where to get real and unbiased information for millions of products on the market. Why not create an online community where beauty product lovers can share their thoughts and opinions? And so, Prettyfab was born ☆

For my first collaboration with Prettyfab, I'll be reviewing some of the items given to me by Tomoko-san during our first meeting. She read my blog before we met, and I was surprised that all the items she gave me were from CANMAKE! (Is my love for the brand really that obvious? Haha!) Most of these items are new and just came out in Japan recently. She told me, "if you like them, then please share your opinions about them". So for today, I'm going to do just that ♡

First up, the Marshmallow Finish Face Brush, which is a flat face brush for "creating marshmallow-soft skin". It's a cute, compact little brush that you can bring around for touch-ups. I forgot to take a photo, but it comes with a nylon case to keep your make-up pouch clean. (The Japanese really think of everything!)

I also read in some reviews that the shape and size of it was made to fit CANMAKE's Marshmallow Finish Powder and Transparent Finish Powder compacts, but I haven't checked it yet because I don't have either one. The bristles are super soft and not scratchy at all. If you ask me though, my favorite thing about it would be that the tips of the bristles are pink. PINK. What more can I say? (Actually, because it's just so pretty to look at, I was very hesitant to use it at first LOL.)

CANMAKE's Lighting Liquid Eyes is a liquid highlighter that's made especially for emphasizing the lower waterline. If you're familiar with Asian beauty trends, adding highlighter to the lower waterline to make the under eye skin plump became very popular in recent years. In Korea, it's considered cute if you have a bit of aegyo sal or "eye fat" under the eyes, because it makes you appear young and fresh. In Japan, they call this area the namida bukuro or "tear bag", and the concept behind it is the same. I know some people don't like this look, but I personally like it because ~I think~ it makes me look younger.

The shade I have is Chandelier Beige. It's a pearly beige that blends in well into the skin. It isn't very noticeable in this photo, but this highlighter is super sparkly. Even when you blend it so much that you don't see the product on your skin anymore, you'll still be able to see the little sparkles.

The formula is moisturizing, and feels very different from using powder eyeshadow. Also, since it's liquid, it doesn't accentuate the fine lines under my eyes as much. The effect I got when I put it on was something I couldn't achieve with my usual beige eyeshadow. So sparkly!! It also claims to be waterproof, but I haven't tested it yet. Though I did wear this the other day, and it stayed on even while I was out in 34° weather for more than 6 hours! Love love!

Last but not least is CANMAKE's Whip Mousse Lip, which is like the Japanese answer to lip creams and lacquers. The only difference is that even though it goes on matte, it doesn't dry your lips at all. It does tend to get into the lines of your lips, but that's nothing a good lip balm underneath can't fix. I guess because the consistency is more like a mousse, it's very light compared to other lip creams. Also, it's so light and blendable that you can also use it on your cheeks!

Swatched. The swatch on the left is the Whip Mousse Lip. (The one on the right is of a different CANMAKE lip product, but I'll talk about that next time.) The shade I have is #01 Raspberry Red, which is a very versatile red that I believe would suit most skin tones. I'm really bad at telling what tone a color is, especially when it comes to cosmetics, so I can't tell, but in the tube I assumed the red would be more blue-based, but on me it appears more yellow-based. Weird. I'm not sure if it's because I have strong yellow undertones or what. (Luckily though, I really like orangey reds, so it's more than okay with me!)

Used both on my lips and cheeks. Isn't it cute!! I really like how natural it looks on my cheeks! Definite must-try!! (灬´∀`灬)

I'll do a slightly more in-depth review of the Whip Mousse Lip next time, so please watch out for that. I wasn't expecting to like it that much, since it's a matte lip product, but I did! I love it. So grateful to Tomoko-san for introducing it to me ♡ What CANMAKE products have you tried? If there's any products that you'd like me to check out, from CANMAKE or any other Japanese brand, do let me know! I'm always looking to try new things! Also, if you're a makeup lover like me, feel free to join Prettyfab and share your thoughts with everyone! Let's all talk and be pretty & fab! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

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