School of Kawaii Lesson 1: Let's Draw Cute Things

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Hi everyone! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Today's blogpost is a little bit special, since it's a KawaiiPH-related post! Last May 9th, I attended the very first School of Kawaii workshop, Let's Draw Cute Things with Little Miss Paintbrush, at The Bunny Baker Cafe ♥ The School of Kawaii is a series of workshops conducted by Kawaii Philippines as part of our fund-raising campaign, Kawaii Fund. ChiChi aka Little Miss Paintbrush is the Creative Head of Japan Lover Me, Main Kawaii Artist/Illustrator of Kawaii Philippines, a contributing illustrator of the hit tween mag Total Girl Philippines, and the owner of the handmade crafts brand Whimsicute. I wasn't there for any *official* KawaiiPH duties, but I thought I should attend to give ChiChi some moral support~! (Also, I really wanted to have cake that day, ehehe.)

ChiChi-sensei and her very-eager-to-learn students! I learned a lot too, just by watching!

The students doing one of the activities. All of them had really cute drawing styles~!

Mad Tee Party was also present at the workshop! I actually bought the Stay Weird shirt that same day (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

Stolen shot of Nona while she was thinking of what to do next heheheh~

Selca with Kayekaye! Why are you so pretty!!

Pretty + talented sisters!! For those who don't know, Kaye owns the clothing brand Dolly Kaye, and sews all of the dresses there herself!

ChiChi being her cute little self ♥

Caught Nona being super serious about coloring~~

With ChiChi, Kaye, Mica (who was also wearing her Kawaii Girl uniform!), and Nona! I think we took way too many selcas that day....

Pretty girl and her pretty red randoseru! Why does this feel like a photoshoot??

I took photos of some of the students as well! Everyone was so cute! I wish I'd brought my dSLR with me~~

And of course, selcas with everyone~!!

Aaand that was Lesson 1 from School of Kawaii~! Here's ChiChi-sensei with all her cute students! Our workshops are super fun, as you can see!
You can read more about this day here. To end this post, I'll leave you all with a short video of the workshop by Armaine. Have a lovely week, everyone ✿

School of Kawaii Workshop #1 with Little Miss Paintbrush

School of Kawaii Workshop #1 Video by Armaine of The Dream Machine (! Music by Ω Ulzzang Pistol 얼짱 Ω! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Thank you for supporting Kawaii Fund!Read the entire coverage at: Miss Paintbrush | The Bunny Baker

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