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March 6, 2015 No comments

Sweater c/o ZafulCandy Kawaii Lover skirt ♦ kitty socks c/o Rainbowholic Shop ♦ heels c/o LovelyWholesaleToxicKitty choker
♫: AOA - 사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat)

These days I've been accumulating a lot of pastels in my closet.. something quite surprising since I once said I'd like to stick to a purely black/white/pink wardrobe. Once again, I apologize for being so fickle when it comes to my personal style. (What can I say, Larme and CUTiE Magazine changed me.) One thing I wasn't expecting, was that I'd be adding reds into my wardrobe. Because Aian always dyes his hair a bright shade of red, I've pretty much avoided all red clothing like the plague ever since we started going out. (Baka kasi sumabog kami, lol.) So why now? Why this sweater? Well the truth is, I only got it.. because I thought it was pink. Even though it was clearly marked as red on the website. Really stupid, I know. I blame my poor sense of color recognition. Luckily though, the red isn't that vibrant. It's more of a muted.. pastel (?) red color. It kind of grew on me, eventually. Who knew red would look so sweet with pink and white? ♥

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