the time is meow

November 12, 2014 No comments

T-shirt c/o Vessos ♦ Bodyline petticoat ♦ Lowrys Farm shorts ♦ tattoo tights c/o Romwe ♦ platform sandals c/o Vessos
♫: Acid Black Cherry - Adult Black Cat

Just something I've been wanting to try for the longest time-- the lingerie-as-outerwear look. I tried it ~once~ before this, with my Cosplay Mania outfit. I was so surprised at how cute it looked that I spent hours looking at lingerie online the next day. I wonder if you're all familiar with the movie, "Shimotsuma Monogatari"? There was one scene where the main character, Momoko, described her discovery of Lolita fashion as being shot with a gun and reborn.. that's the exact, same way I felt about this new style. I can't believe I discovered the joys of wearing lingerie as outerwear only now. I mean, I've always found lingerie as extremely cute, but never thought of getting them. What was the point, if I wasn't going to show them to anyone, anyway? At last, an answer to my problems. Excuse me while I stock up on lacy underthings and fluffy panniers ♥

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