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Working on blogposts even though it's a Sunday, hooray for #productivity haha! For my fifth post for Daiso Japan Week, I'll be talking about two lip products that I got as part of my haul - Ellefar's Princess Nudy Lip in Peach and Daiso's Lipgloss in Orange Macaron. Lippies are my second favorite type of makeup product, the first being eyeshadow, so I was pretty excited about these two! On to the review!

First up - Ellefar Princess Nudy Lip in Peach! This is my second favorite thing from my Daiso haul, the first being the Ellefar Multi Cheek in Beige, which I reviewed previously.

Packaging is the same black, princess motif as the other items in their Princess line. Reminds me of Anna Sui! The lipstick comes with two caps - one is the default, clear cap and the other is a black cap with the princess motif. I think this is really neat since you have a back-up if ever you lose the cap. (Happens to me quite often, ugh.)

The lipstick itself is a matte salmon-pink. The formula is super creamy, similar to NYX Round Lipsticks. Only downside though, is sometimes application can get a bit patchy. I think it's best to wear this over a lip balm or serum.

On my lips, swiped at least three times. It looks more nudy-pink on my lips than in the tube, even though I didn't apply any foundation on my lips beforehand. Also had to smooth lines out with my ring finger to get it this nice.

Next - Daiso Lipgloss in Orange Macaron. I'm not sure if this is part of any Daiso-produced brands (like Ellefar), since the "packaging" only consisted of plastic film (?) and a sticker that said "Special!" on top.

The tube that it comes in is super pretty though! Quite princess-y as well. The gem on top reminds me a lot of Ranzuki!

Even though the gloss looks super orange in the tube, it looks quite translucent when applied. Like a clear orange with sparkles. Applicator is a doe-foot type. I don't know if it's just me, but this seems a bit too small for my lips. I tried using it once and it took me foreeever to apply all over my lips. (I'll try taking a comparison photo with my other lip gloss applicators next time.) It goes on nicely, but the finish is a bit sticky, which is typical for lip gloss.

Swatched both - lipstick on the left, lip gloss on the right. I don't know why, but for some reason, the lipstick looks more orangey on the back of my hand than on my lips.. I guess that's why the name says Peach? The gloss has lots of shimmer in it, but it wasn't as noticeable when applied on my lips. Also not as orange as I would've liked it to be.

On my lips. I'm wearing both the lipstick and the gloss, though I'm not sure if it looks like I'm wearing any gloss at all. The lipstick is beautiful, as you can see, despite the issue of being patchy upon application. I think the gloss made my lips look just a tiny bit more orangey, compared to when I first applied the lipstick.

Final thoughts: love love love the lipstick. I've been looking at reviews of nude lipsticks for months trying to find one that'll look good on me, but I didn't think I'd find it in Daiso of all places! A bit fussy to use, but I don't care, I love it. Loooooove it. The lipgloss, on the fence. I like it, but could live without it. I do like the shimmery finish it gives, but I really wish it were more orange! Maybe I'll wear this over an orange tint next time, and see if that works. For P88 though, this is already quite a steal. If you don't mind the sticky feeling that most lip glosses have, then go get it.

Next up is my last set of reviews, and after that I'll be announcing the "little surprise" I've been hinting at this past week! Can you guess what it is? I think you already know, but still, do stick around until Day 7 for my announcement! ♥

* Compensation for this post was provided by Daiso Japan PH. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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