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If you've been a follower of my blog for a while now, I'm pretty sure you all know how I am crazy about Japan and anything related to kawaii culture. The thing is, recently, this infatuation of mine has been getting a bit of attention! I'm so happy! More and more kawaii lovers have started to visit my blog, and just last week I was invited by Daiso Japan to be part of their ongoing Kawaii Fashion Festival. For this whole week, I will be talking about Daiso and all of the amazing things that you can find there. But first, an introduction to this brand~

Daiso is a well-known franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan. They have more than 2,500 stores in Japan, and 522 stores overseas. Here in the Philippines, Daiso Japan (previously known locally as Saizen) has branches in more than 20 malls all over the country, and all products are priced starting at just P88. (They are not to be confused with that other Japan surplus shop, by the way!) So what is this Kawaii Fashion Festival, anyway? Well, for the whole month of March, in line with National Women's Month, Daiso Japan is highlighting all of their cosmetics, lotions, Sanrio and fashion accessories and apparel in stores. I personally think that Daiso has a lot of really cute items, but not everyone is knowledgeable about them. Back when I was still experimenting with makeup, a lot of my things were from Daiso. Even now, I still buy a lot of cute things from Daiso whenever I get the chance.

Since I was in the area last weekend, I paid their Robinson's Ermita branch a little visit. And because I was given permission to take photos for my blog.. well, I went a bit crazy. Warning -- extremely image heavy post ahead!

Like the sign says, all products start at P88!

Upon entering Daiso, the first thing I saw were these cute face and body care items. That black face mask thing is actually quite popular. Just Google "Daiso charcoal face mask" and you'll see a ton of reviews!

Looots of makeup items! I spent about five whole minutes trying to decide which eyeshadow palette to get, haha! That eyebrow coat is also a popular item, it's always being raved about by a lot of people on @cosme.

Loooots of false eyelashes! There are different kinds-- natural, dramatic, even ones with glitter. I remember back when falsies still weren't as accessible, a lot of my gyaru friends used to hoard them from Daiso, haha!

So many cute things, and this was just from the beauty section!!

If you're like me and like organizing almost everything you own, you'll like all the cute cases and organizers!

They also have a small section for DIY things. The lace fabric tapes are pretty cute!

I know a lot of my friends would love this. Cute baking supplies! The chocolate molds are adorable!

Daiso is also known for having authentic Sanrio items. This branch had a whole wall filled with Sanrio things!!!

More more more kawaii items! School supplies, iPhone cases, makeup pouches, lots of other things! Everywhere I looked, there was something. I had to stop myself from screaming everytime, haha!

And what's Daiso without its cute Japanese snacks? My favorite is Strawberry Pocky!

Just so you know, Daiso Japan isn't limited to just cute and girly things. They also have a wide variety of products that range from household goods to office supplies, apparel, toys, etc. They even have stuff for your pets! The products that I photographed don't even make up for half of it, haha! Trust me, I wanted to take the whole store home. I didn't, but I did manage to take some super cute things home with me! After spending an hour in Daiso, here's what I got:

Looking at it now, I got a looot of makeup things, didn't I? Haha! I made sure I bought enough for one whole makeup look. Eyes, cheeks, lips, everything! I didn't get any foundation though, since my skin color is extra hard to get a match of and they didn't have any testers out. I also got a couple of body care things, a lotion and body butter. They both smell sooo good! I'll talk about all of these another time. Also, yes, I will be doing a makeup tutorial featuring the makeup items I got, so please watch out for that! For now, be sure to visit Daiso Japan in the following malls:

Robinsons Galleria
Pavillion Mall
Robinsons Place Manila
Market! Market!
Robinsons Metro East
Robinsons Place Palawan
Robinsons Magnolia
Robinsons Pangasinan
The District Imus Mall
Robinsons EMA Town Center Meycauayan
Robinsons Town Mall Malabon
Robinsons Place Malolos
Robinsons Abreeza
Robinsons Tacloban
Robinsons Bacolod
Robinsons Centrio
Robinsons Place CDO
Robinsons Place Iloilo
Ayala Center Cebu
Robinsons Place Butuan
Robinsons Place Isabela
Or you can check them out online:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saizenph
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DaisoJapanPH
Instagram: http://instagram.com/daisophilippines
* Compensation for this post was provided by Daiso Japan PH. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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