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Hi everyone! I'm back with yet another review. I'm pretty excited about this, since one of the products here unexpectedly became a fast favorite of mine. I'll be talking about two products, a blush and highlighter, both by Ellefar.

Finally, I get to review one of my favorite items from my Daiso haul - Ellefar's Multi Cheek in Beige! Compared to all of my other makeup items produced by Ellefar, which are from the Princess line, this one is not as girly-looking. It comes in a transparent plastic case that allows you to see the product clearly. The packaging is simple, very clean-looking.

The blush itself has a 3D pattern on it, which I find really pretty! Though it says Beige, I'd describe the color as more of a peachy pink. It's not so visible in the photo, but this blush has very fine shimmer in it.

The brush.. I didn't like at all. The bristles are scratchy and do not pick up the product well. I suggest throwing this away and using a different brush for application.

Swatch of the blush on the far-left. (My arm looks kind of weird, haha.) When I picked it up I assumed it would have more of an orange undertone, but turns out I was wrong. It's actually more pink than it looks in the pan. As you can see, the blush is shimmery, but not to the point that it could make you look like a disco ball.

It's quite pigmented, as you can see! A problem that I usually get when taking photos of myself is that I always look like I'm not wearing any blush at all. That wasn't the case with this blush. Application and blending is also super easy. For a nice natural-looking flush, I suggest applying the blush in a tapping motion instead of swiping it on.

Next we have the highlighter - Ellefar's Hanataka Powder. Not sure if this is part of the Princess line or not (it has a tiny crown on the cover), but the packaging is also quite simple compared to all of my other Ellefar items. It says Nose Highlight Powder, but I'm pretty sure you can use this as a highlighter for all over the face.

This is how tiny the container is! Not that it matters though, since you only need a ~tiny~ bit of it.

It comes in this type of container.. which I dislike. So messy! You have to be careful with this since it gets e-very-where. This is why I avoid using anything that's not in pressed form. When you buy this product though, it comes with a sticker that you peel off before use.. I suggest peeling it off halfway and cutting it in half. This way you have (somewhat) better control of how much of the product comes out.

Swatches of the highlighter in the middle and on the right. I wasn't kidding when I said you only need a tiny bit of it! I used my finger to swipe the highlight powder on. I only swiped it once. ONCE. That's how much of a glow you'll get with one application. So intense! I was honestly scared to use it at first, since I only want a subtle glow. This powder looks like it was made from stars or something, wow. The swatch on the far right is the highlighter blended out.

Look at that glow, wow. I blended like crazy after taking this photo. I suggest tapping off any excess powder from the brush before application. I used a highlight/contour brush for this, I've seen some Japanese beauty bloggers use a smaller brush, like a fluffy blending brush. I'm not sure if it gives better control of application, but it's worth a try.

Blended out. It looks way more subtle here, but the glow is still very visible. Looks like I dodged and burned the photo, but I didn't! I'm also wearing the blush underneath, which is SO PRETTY.

There you have it. Overall, these two products work very well, considering they're both only P88 each. The blush, in my opinion, is a must-have. I love it. I'm not a fan of pink blush but I love love love this. I've seen on the net that this actually comes in orange, which I am definitely going to look out for. The highlighter, I'm kind of on the fence about. I like it, but not enough that I'll make it part of my daily routine. I will be keeping this in my makeup box though, since I think it'll look amazing for high-definition makeup, like for photoshoots and events.

For Day 5, I'll be reviewing lip products next! I know a lot of you are excited about that. Also, I'm nearing my last post for Daiso Japan Week! I promised everyone a surprise at the end, so I hope you all stay tuned until then!

* Compensation for this post was provided by Daiso Japan PH. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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