Malaysia 2013 roundup

December 24, 2013

Quick quick quick update! I'm not supposed to be back until January, and because we just back from KL last night I'm actually still not done unpacking and sorting through all our things.. but I just wanted to show you a roundup of sorts of our four-day stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As these are mostly photos from my phone, it's only expected that my photos are mostly of food and of ourselves, haha. I'll put up a decent photodiary soon.. only, I might have to make three or four separate posts, as I took sooooo many photos during the trip, ehe.

The four days we spent in KL were sooo much fun! I was finally able to meet my friends Mieko and Hermes, who I've only ever been able to talk to online. (Thank you so much, you two, for welcoming us during our first day in KL~!) We got to experience Comic Fiesta, and got to meet amazing artists such as kidchan, Kazeki, VOFAN, and redjuice. Also got to step inside Kinokuniya for the first time ever!!! Amazing * O * The whole trip was an adventure, and even now it still feels like a dream. Thank you to everyone who made the trip memorable!!! (≧∀≦)


As I'm typing this blogpost, I'm still in the middle of sorting through all of our KL photos.. And with the amount of photos I took, I feel like post-processing and writing about everything is going to take a while.. so I'll have to leave you all with just this post for now. Next post will be in January, so I'll see you all then! Until then, merry Christmas and happy New Year, everyone!! Enjoy the holidays!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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