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August 25, 2013 No comments

Today I'm reviewing one of the many lenses sent to me by Dull to Doll. I've actually had these lenses for almost a year now, wtf. So sorry! Good thing I was able to review them before they expired ;; They are Ice Pink Lenses from EOS (◡ ‿ ◡ฺ*)

Lenses in the case. The 'Ice' in the name is very fitting, don't you think so?

When worn, close up.

I really, reeeally like the color, and these designs are to my taste, but I just wish there was a tiny bit more of an outer ring. Maybe a not-so-opaque black ring? Or even just 1mm more. This is just personal preference, by the way. I was quite amazed at how vivid the pink is though! So, so pretty * O *

Super enlarging at 14..8mm, but still not so huge that they're alien-looking.

COMFORT: ★★★★★
For EOS lenses, these are actually quite comfortable. No discomfort at all!

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
Four out of five stars. While these are extremely pretty and totally my type of lenses, for some reason I can only wear them with certain makeup looks. Maybe it's just me being OC? I do think these are okay for any look, but I'm just very picky with how I look overall so.. I don't know! But really, these are gorgeous and totally live up to the 'Ice' in their name. Also, these lenses give a nice tearful effect. Really cute.

A few reminders:
☆ It is your responsibility to minimize the risk of wearing lenses, and you are best advised to consult your eye doctor beforehand. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses. The rule of thumb for lenses: if you experience any discomfort, remove the lens immediately.
☆ Though the lenses were sponsored by Dull to Doll, everything written here is 100% my honest opinion.
☆ All photos used in this review belong to me. Please do not take them without my permission!!

Okay! Another contact lens review down, but I still have a lot more to go! Hopefully the others aren't already expired.. ack. I won't risk my precious eyes reviewing expired lenses, no matter how pretty they are! Anyway, there are still a ton of other contact lenses and other things here with me that I have yet to review, so please watch out for that ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ☆

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