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May 25, 2013 No comments

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These days I've been thinking non-stop about what to do with my hair. I've had the same hair for more than a year now, and quite frankly.. I'm bored as hell with it. Growing my hair long was a pain so cutting it short is out of the question. (It took me about what, two years?) Having a digiperm done sounds nice, but my hair's too weak for that right now. So the only option is to have it dyed. But what color? I really want pink or purple hair. I've also thought about going back to blonde.. but the pains of having the roots retouched every single time is something I just can't deal with. (Really, how in the world does AMO-chan do it?) And just recently I stumbled upon feralcreature on Instagram, so the idea of having silver hair appealed to me quite a bit. Looks quite nice even with the black tips growing out. But will silver look as good on me as it does on other people? I don't know. So the safest thing to do would be to just use a lighter shade of brown for my ombre? But ugh, that would be too boring! I'm so indecisive ;___;

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