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Doing another review, after much delay! This time it's for another makeup item, Canmake Coloring Eyebrow Mascara in Natural Brown, c/o Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed. This is my first ever eyebrow mascara. This is also my very first item from Canmake! I've actually had this for quite some time now, but because I keep my eyebrows really short (about half the size of my actual eyebrows) I wasn't able to use it properly. Now that my eyebrows have grown out a bit, I can finally make a proper review of this.

Eyebrow mascaras are relatively new to me, I only found out about these things about a year ago, I think? (Is that considered relatively new?) And this is the first time I got to use one. It took me a bit of time and a lot of video-watching on Youtube before I finally got the hang of using this. I must say it really does make a huge difference. More photos + review under the cut.

The wand looks like a regular mascara wand, only smaller. (Please excuse my ugly nails.)

Swatched on my hand. The formula is waterproof, and will only budge when you rub it off.

Made up face, but without eyebrow powder and mascara. Looks kind of weird right?

Now with decent eyebrows~ But I think the color is a bit too dark, even if it is lighter than my current hair color.

What I like about it
When applied properly, it gives your eyebrows a nice three-dimensional appearance. It will look much more natural and realistic than just piling on eyebrow powder or drawing your brows with an eyebrow pencil.
The color payoff is really good! The pigmentation is strong, so you'll get the results you want with just one go.
Very long-lasting! Stays on my brows and keeps them in place the whole day.
Affordable at just Php550. That's much cheaper than most eyebrow mascaras.

What I don't like about it
This is just a matter personal taste, but I think I'd like a lighter shade for my eyebrows. Don't get me wrong, I think this color is quite suitable for those with black or dark brown hair, but as half my hair is blonde I'm kind of on the fence on what my eyebrow color should be, so I think I'd like a lighter brown color next time.
Because my eyebrows are always kept shorter than their original shape (as I find drawing them much easier), I can't use this by itself. I still have to use an eyebrow powder to fill in gaps or it'll look weird.
It dries pretty quickly, so you'll need to be careful not to smudge it on the skin around your brows. This is important! This happened to me and I had to clean up the makeup on and around my brows and start over.

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
I really like this product, and it works quite well for me, but I might try another brand next time, and a much lighter shade. Maybe Dolly Wink or Majolica Majorca, only because I've heard a lot of good things about both of them. Though in my opinion, this is a really good product to start with if you want to try using eyebrow mascaras.

I wanted to make a mini-tutorial of how to do this, but I'm on a bit of a makeup ban because my skin is undergoing hydroquinone/tretinoin treatment so I can't take photos of my face (because I look like a lizard). Instead, here's a video by Youtube user sonyyukiya of how to do Korean eyebrows, which I'm currently doing right now as well.

You can preorder Canmake Coloring Eyebrow Mascara on Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed here. Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed is a local online shop that specializes in Japanese and Korean beauty products. They also have a pre-order service for Japanese magazines! I'll be hosting a giveaway for them in a bit, do watch out for that.

Just to give you an idea, heh ♥

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