New Year's Eve 2013

January 4, 2013 No comments

New Year's Eve was spent with the paternal side of the family, as per usual, with all my crazy cousins and relatives. I think, out of everyone, my dad was the craziest-- him lighting up about half a dozen firecrackers in one go before the clock struck 12 seems to have become a yearly thing again (there was a time that it stopped, NYE became pretty boring since then) that this year I had my face mask and iPod at the ready. (Fantastic Baby at full blast did very little to stifle the sound though.) Noisy and bad for your lungs, but super fun.

Photos above were of that night, mostly taken by my brother, save for the one of him holding two of about a dozen (or possibly more) firecrackers. The last one was actually of our lunch the next day, but I put it there anyway as I didn't have a photo of what we had for our media noche. (As always, by the time I'd remembered that I needed to take photos, I was already halfway through my meal. Boo.)

OLIVE des OLIVE top, My Cup of Tea dress, Lowrys Farm skirt, platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic Shop, Nativity Cross necklace.

And of course, my outfit. I'm not sure if this is one of those Filipino traditions / superstitions or if it's a Chinese-but-adopted-by-the-Filipinos thing, but they say it's quite lucky for people to wear polka-dot print clothes on New Year's. The belief is that wearing polka-dots brings prosperity, because the round dots are associated with coins and wealth. I don't really believe it myself, but I thought it'd be nice to join in the fun anyway! Also, print on print because 2013 is for trying new things! ヽ( ´∀` )ノ

How was your New Year's Eve? Hope everyone's having a lovely start of the year so far!

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