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Last Saturday, December 15, was the first day of Bloggers United 4. If you're from the Philippines and into fashion and blogging, then you must already know about BU4! Bloggers United is an event held by a team of dedicated bloggers who aim to create a venue where inspiring bloggers and their readers can personally come together and interact with each other. Some of the Philippines' most influential fashion bloggers come to sell their personal closet items and selected pieces from their respective brands.. think of it as a huge flea market consisting mostly of all your favorite bloggers! I only went on the first day, mostly because I didn't want to spend any more on clothes and makeup, haha. Also, my main reason for going was to finally meet one of my favorite people from the blogosphere, Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover! I've never missed a day of Bloggers United before, but I almost always never got to take photos of people, so I tried my hardest to remember to take photos this time. Mostly portraits because my 50mm and the crowd wouldn't let my tiny self take decent full-body photos of all the super-fashionable bloggers. Hope you like them though! Enjoy ♥

Paul and his OS Overbite Cap. Hiii Paul!

One of my readers, Alanis (the one on the right) with her friend. It was nice meeting you!

Cutie Clarisse!! ♥ Was kind of surprised to see her, but I remembered to take a photo this time! She's always so adorable!

Lots of hats from Ashley's booth! I went to meet her after I arrived, but she wasn't there so I had stuff reserved so I could go back for them when she returned.

Visited Val's booth next. I always make it a point to drop by Val's booth every Bloggers United, because I love her paper-things! Hiii Val.

Irene!! Kyot mo forever, haha. (DENISE WHERE R U.)

Just some of the super pretty things Val was selling that day -- mini-notebooks, postcards, washi tape, etc.

Super talented sisters, Veronica and Val.

Gen and Irene. Pretty girls!

Group photo with everyone!

And of course, photo with Aleyn because I will forever be a fangirl ♥

Hiii Anton.

Adly of Wish & Wear! Too bad I didn't get to catch Gian before she left.

Aaand, finally! Hiii Ashley! ♥ ♥ ♥

Ashley's booth had a lot of pretty clothes and accessories! All fresh from Japan, haha!

Aleyn, Ashley, and Val!

Of course, I had to get a photo with her as well ♥

Our outfits! I specifically told Aian that I wanted a street-snap style photo with Ashley, ehe.

Dani Baretto of Style is Eternal. So lovely.

I do love that she's super approachable, even with her family's background and all. So super sweet, too.

Lots lots lots of makeup from Marj Sia's booth! No photo of her; she was super busy whenever I went to check her booth ;;

Fun and quirky pieces from Reese Lansangan's booth. I wanted a photo of her as well, but she wasn't there when I dropped by.

Hiiiii Mike! I want that OS Horn Cap plz.

Paul's KTZ shoes. So awesome wtf.

More more more bones.

Hiii Salad Day, haha!

Vintage-style bags from Gelo of Fabgelous's booth. Aian actually bought one of these! Super nice.

Arnie of Raid My Closet! Why are you so adorable!!

Ana of The Fashionista Commuter and Sarah of Fashion Eggplant!

Super cute candy bags! I'm quite proud that I was able to restrain myself that day, heh. *pats self on the back*

Camille Co taking a photo with one of her many readers.

I'm still surprised I managed to take a photo of Camille. There was a crowd following her wherever she went that day!

Cebu fashion bloggers, Gizelle Faye of Vanilla Ice Cream and Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics.

Edgy-cute pieces from PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe.

Some of Willar's creations! I could not stop staring at that cap. I really want it!!

The always awesome Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms

JP on Fashion Speed + Lola Androgynous. Love, love these two!

Last but not least, Aian and Mike! Mike's so tall because he's wearing super-high platform boots, haha!

Whew. There were so many people I wanted to take photos of that day, but because I arrived at around 5 in the afternoon (in classic Chai fashion), I only had barely two or three hours to check out the booths and chat with / take photos of everyone. I promise to be early next time ;____; I had a lot of fun though! Of course, highlight of that day was spending time with all my lovely blog and real-life friends. Mostly: talking to Aleyn, Irene, and Val about going to Japan and visiting Kyoto and all the places RuroKen was filmed in, haha! And the biggest surprise that day: finding out that Ashley was actually friends with my cousin (who's also a blogger!) and his best friend.. both of whom I've known since high school, haha! What a small world, really. Ashley will be staying until the 3rd of January, I think, so we'll be meeting up again after Christmas to talk about Japan and other random things. I can't wait, hee ♥

Tsumori Chisato top, denim skirt from Korea, floral tights c/o I Like Shop by Lorifrance, platform sneakers c/o Kawaiiholic Shop, pearl kitty headband.

And of course, a decent photo of my outfit! I went for a quirky yet casual look, what do you think? These days I've been wanting to try to a more earthy, feminine mori-kei look, but I keep going back to this キモかわいい (weird-cute) style of dressing. It's because, well, I'm actually most comfortable with it! My friends tell me that it's not a bad thing, and that they like this style on me, but I can't help but feel that other people who like mori-kei think that I don't quite fit the mori girl "mold", if there really is such a thing. I prefer the more quirky side of mori girl, the type shown in magazines such as Mori Girl Papier*, but I don't know. I guess we'll see.

Wow, haha. Quite a heavy way to end this, but thank you for reading still! Will post about my BU4 acquisitions next

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