koi no hana

October 25, 2012 No comments

Thrifted dress, SM Dept Store socks, SammyDress booties, Accessorize headband, gifted necklace, various bracelets.

And all of a sudden, I'm back to my super girly style. I think I'm most comfortable with this, actually. Whenever I'm out buying clothes, I always gravitate towards cream or peach-colored pieces with lots of cute details like floral prints or lace trimmings. That's pretty much how I found this lovely little dress at the thrifts a few weeks ago. Would love to keep it for myself, but it's just a teeny bit too short for my liking. Will be putting this dress (along with a few other pieces, like the lace booties I'm wearing in this outfit maybe) up for sale on my clothing shop soon :)

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