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August 19, 2012 No comments

A couple of months ago Aian made me watch Crows Zero II, where I found about this Japanese actor, Ayano Go (綾野剛), who plays a character with a strange attachment to his umbrella. (Well, not really. Watch the movie and you'll find out.) I only ended up liking him a few days after though, after seeing about a dozen photos of him pop all over my Tumblr dashboard. I also realized then.. that he has fox eyes. I've been obsessing over him "secretly" ever since. In other words: stalking him on the Internet in my free time, saving all his pictures, spamming my personal Facebook accounts with photos of his face, etc. I even debated whether or not I should send him a box full of camera film, when I found out that he did a bit of photography. (At this point, you should already have come to the conclusion that this little forest girl is actually a creepy-stalker-chan.)

I want to touch his face. /creeper

Ayano Go has starred in a number of films, but mostly only took on supporting roles. Also, he seems to be quite fond of playing roles of crazy psycho characters, heh. He's most popular for his roles in Crows Zero II and Gantz II: Perfect Answer. He's also been featured in a few PVs, including MEG's PARIS, and just recently had his photobook shot by -the- Ninagawa Mika. His more recent projects include Helter Skelter (directed by NinaMika) and the much-awaited upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie.

I'm actually more fond of girls, so it's extremely rare that I fangirl over males or have male crushes. But when I do, apparently it stays for quite a while. It's kind of my equivalent of a schoolgirl crush, I guess. Haha! The longest was Miyavi (2005), I think. After that was Oguri Shun (2006), Mizushima Hiro (2008), Kim HeeChul (2010), Yu Ha Min (2011), and now Ayano Go. The one thing that these guys have in common, I realized, is that they all had long hair at one point.. and I slowly lost interest after they cut it short. Mew. (Aian, please don't ever cut your hair ; A ; lololol jk *shot*) Oh well. Let's see how long this one lasts.

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