with friends on a rainy day

April 14, 2012 No comments

Lowrys Farm cardigan, thrifted dress and platform sandals, vintage bag, from BF Ruins glasses.

I hope you don't mind that I'm posting photos from a month ago after a whole week of not posting. I've been trying to focus all my energy into something else (that something, I will reveal soon, in time) so I didn't have the time to post anything, not even take photos. I will post a couple of product reviews soon (I'm so sorry, dear sponsors!), and maybe some (tons of it, to be honest) backlog from past shoots and events as well. In the meantime, please do bear with me!

One of the highlights of last month was seeing Readymade Chinagirls, a joint exhibit that introduces two pairs of collaborations - Alice and Lucinda with Catalina Africa and Maria Jeona Zoleta - that are a generation apart. Jeona was actually a batchmate of mine from high school, and I was quite surprised at how far she's gone. (I can still vividly remember that one day when I was watching her sitting on the floor of their classroom (we weren't classmates then), painting liquid figures on paper using some water and instant coffee mix.) I envy her really, for being brave enough to chase her dreams head-on.

Fun, fun day. Hanging out in an exhibit with friends on a rainy day = one of my favorite things ♡
Photos in this post are by Jaro and Ciarra.

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