this sort of feeling is love, isn't it?

April 16, 2012 No comments

Gifted top, thrifted lace vest and tulle skirt, hand-me-down suede boots, Liz Lisa shoulder bag, gifted fox tail and hairband.

What I wore a couple of days ago, to a local ACG event. I wanted to wear a more layered outfit, but the heat made it impossible. Good thing I had this cute floral lace vest to wear so my shoulders didn't feel so bare even though I decided not to bring a cardigan with me. To those who were looking for me that day, you might've missed me since I was too busy trying to look for open spaces to move. I seem to have ignored a few hellos that day as well, because I kept trying to move away from crowded areas. So so sorry!! ;; I'll try to go to the next one instead. :)

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