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Hello everyone! Yesterday was probably one of the hottest days ever, and since I've been stuck here at home for the past week, I caved in to boredom and went ahead and did a bit of DIY with my camera. Well, not the camera itself (I'm not that brave or adventurous!) but.. you know what I mean. Anyway. Because I fell so in love with the coloring that I got from the photos I took with expired film, I tried to replicate that effect (though it's still not quite the same as the real thing!) with a yellow lens filter, some purple silk paper (or at least I think it was silk paper) and custom camera settings.

For this tutorial, you'll only need two things. I didn't spend anything for this, since the things that I used were stuff that I already had at home. This actually isn't really much of a tutorial, as I know a lot of my photographer friends already do this, but for those that don't, I hope you find this useful. Either way though, I'm pre~tty sure you'll find a little something-something useful at the end of this post, so please, do read on!~

First thing you will need: a yellow filter. I bought one for my 50mm lens (52mm diameter) around three years ago but very rarely use it. I mostly just use it for B/W photos. I got it for around P400 at Hidalgo. You can use yellow cellophane if you want, but you'll need something to attach it to your lens. (A rubber band, maybe?)

Next, a piece of light purple silk paper.I think most local craft stores like Papemelroti have this. I see it a lot being used as gift wrappers and such.
Truth is, I'm not sure if this is really silk paper.. but I did a quick Google search and it looks a lot like it. Please do tell me if you know what this is! xx;;

Because the paper is a bit too thick to see through (you'll have a tough time trying to focus on things), you'll have to stretch it a bit until you can see through the fibers.
I think soft tulle or old stockings are much easier to work with, since you'll be able to auto-focus more easily, but I prefer the effect that silk paper has.

Now, all you have to do is put the two things in front of your lens. Because I'm using a filter, I just placed the silk paper in front of my lens first, then put the filter on the lens to hold it in place. Lastly, I changed the settings on my camera to better suit the coloring. This is optional; I just found these settings to work best for me.

Picture Style > User Def. > Portrait
Sharpness: 2 | Contrast: 0 | Saturation: -2 (leftmost notch) | Color Tone: -1 (third notch)

With the two pieces in front of the lens and with the color settings above, the result was:

Tada~! I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why this photo's different from the one above, right?
That's because I used one of my Curves to add to the whole feel of the photo. Again, this is optional.

Here are some of the other photos that I came up with using the above process:

The above photos are all tweaked with at least one curve. You can see the before photos, which were untouched, on the lower-right of each photo. The difference is very subtle, but I really like the effect so.. :) If you'd like to use the curve I used for the very last photo, click here. That's right, I'm giving it to you for free! Think of it as thanks for sticking with me until the very end of this tutorial. You can use it on other photos as well, but I'll leave it to you to find out which ones you can use it with ;)

Feel free to ask any questions, and I hope you find this useful. I'd love to see what lovely photos you come up with! ♡

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