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February 1, 2012 No comments

Hello! Today is the first day of February.. and last month's photodiary is going to be a bit late :'( Been really, really busy with so much stuff that I've forgotten all about it. To tell you the truth, I don't even think I have a lot of photos to show.. Which will now be a reminder for me to take at least one photo a day starting today. But for now, here's a tiny tiny pseudo-review of some of the milk tea + coffee products that I've recently come across. Since everyone knows by now that I absolutely love milk tea and coffee and consume them on an almost-daily basis, I thought I might as well include a few reviews here on my blog. Today I'll be introducing two locally available bottled milk teas and a coffee dessert.

Let's start with KIRIN Gogo no Kocha Milk Tea. This is, I believe, is one of the most popular bottled tea brands in Japan. It comes in a bottle that is somewhat squarish, with a gold and black label. Gogo no Kocha has a nice balanced flavor, with just the right blend of English breakfast and milk. I've read that this tastes great whether it's served hot or cold, but I do love my milk teas cold. Only thing that I didn't very much like is that it tastes a bit bland when served over ice, so I think this drink is much better just refrigerated if you feel like having a cold glass of milk tea. But overall really nice. This is my second favorite bottled milk tea next to Mineshine Milk Tea, another locally available drink found in most 7-11 branches.

Kocha Kaden Royal Milk Tea is also one of the more popular brands of bottled milk tea, manufactured by Coca Cola. It comes in an easy-to-hold bottle which is somewhat similar to those of Coke bottles. As I said, Kocha Kaden is popular in Japan and is also the most raved about by most friends who've been there. I personally am not much of a fan of this drink though, as I find it a bit too sweet for my liking. It's like the milk overpowers the tea, so I tend to drink it more slowly than most milk teas (and I drink milk tea kind of like it's water, too). I also don't like that this drink leaves a slight aftertaste that -very strangely- reminds me of lychees. And, well, let's just say I'm not really a fan of lychees v_______v;; I recommend this to people who like their milk teas more milky though. Also, to those who want a nice drink to go well with salty snacks.

MEGMILK Coffee Jelly. The most delicious thing I have ever tasted! ;_____; That is all. It comes in packs of threes with tiny containers of milk. I initially thought that such a tiny amount wouldn't be enough, but I was wrong! This coffee jelly is sooo good. Like max yummy! I'm not really fond of eating coffee jelly as most coffee jelly desserts that I've tasted have all left me disappointed v___v I like my coffee sweet and milky, you see. But this has just the right amount of coffee and milkiness that I love! So yes. Must-try. I try to get my hands on these whenever I can * O *

** All these products are available at Chotto Stop, a Japanese supermarket in Little Tokyo, all for Php80 each. Chotto Stop is open every day from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Do note that these were not bought all at the same time, as some products are sold out most of the time. They do get new shipments every week though. Also, bigger sizes of KIRIN Gogo no Kocha Milk Tea (1500ml) are available at Cash and Carry and select branches of SM Hypermarket :)

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