Katie Spring & Summer 2012

February 15, 2012 No comments

I found out about Katie around a couple of years back, when I first saw photos of then-KERA model Amo-chan (also known as Amoscream) wearing a Katie 'ANGEL' cropped shirt in KERA magazine. After that, I kept seeing photos of Amo-chan wearing clothes from Katie, even after moving to Zipper. (Not sure if she's really left the KERA models roster, but I noticed that recently she's been more active on Zipper as compared to KERA.) Before moving on to Zipper, Amo-chan's style was more fairy-kei, but these days her style's become more mature, even though a lot of her clothes still had that dolly, child-like vibe. (Am I making any sense?) Which is why I thought that the brand Katie suits her so well.

TAKI & LINDA's brand "Katie" was born in 1997 with its core theme of "Girly & Rock steady". The brand is inspired by TAKI & LINDA's love of music, movie, artists, punk bands.......and more! Katie seeks a style which has a girl's charm. Any girl has a specially power, that is "pretty" side and "dark" side. Katie fans are aged between 20-30 and are working girls, fashion people, band girls and many other kind of cult girls!

A lot of the clothes from Katie, for me, have the vibe of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Their 2012 S/S Collection is no different. I'm amazed at how they were able to make Amo-chan wear a see-through dress without making it look at all vulgar. In fact, everything looks just so.. innocent. Don't you think so?

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