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February 8, 2012 No comments

Thrifted knit jacket, Romantic Fiona peter pan collar top, PIROUETTE Tiffany top, Lowrys Farm skort,
thrifted winged platforms, gifted Rilakkuma bag and glass orb necklace.

Not sure if you've noticed, but I've probably worn that peter pan collar top with those skorts a ton of times already, only with different toppers and shoes. (These shoes are new, by the way! :3) I have a tendency to wear something that I really like over and over again, and with these two pieces as my current favorites, I've abused them in a lot of outfit posts already. I hope you don't mind another one. I'll stop wearing these for now as I think it's become my go-to outfit when I don't want to think up a new one. This one is my favorite because it's very much inspired by Amo-chan's style and cult party kei

Actually, the reason why I didn't bother to come up with a better outfit was because I was doing a mini-shoot that same day. Mini-shoot, because I only took 10 photos and I finished in less than an hour. I feel kind of bad about it, because my two models took a lot of effort in hair and make-up, but because the place was insanely crowded and we didn't have much sun, there wasn't much I could do :( I still owe these girls a decent shoot.



At Starbucks! :) Photo by Aian.

After that, the girls went home and Aian and I went to do what we originally came to MoA for-- ride the huge ferris wheel. Which I thought was a super bad idea. I'm afraid of heights, very much so that I can't even look down from the second or third floor of a building without thinking that the whole floor's going to give way any minute. Irrational I know, but I keep thinking that way xx;; So anyway, Aian and I rode the ferris wheel. I wanted to cry! I got scared to death, and every sudden movement would scare me even more, and when we got to the top I diiiiied. But yeah, Aian thought the ride was so corny and was a waste of money. I thought so too! (Paying P150 each for me being scared to death is a total waste of money! Should've bought Gong Cha instead!! Just P95 each, lol.) Never getting on a ferris wheel ever again!! ;_________;

But yeah I admit the view from the top was nice, lol.

Photo after the ride and me calming down a bit. I look really calm here cos I got to hold a cute 4-month-old husky * u *

Lastly, to end the day, we had dinner at Tokyo Cafe. We've never tried it, only stared at the variety of crepes that they have on display, so we decided to eat there. We wanted to try just the crepes, actually, but we ended up ordering pizza instead. Also had a delicious salad after ♡

Their Royal Milk Tea I didn't like so much :( Too flowery! Kind of like drinking cologne.

The Tokyo White Pizza was yummy though! Super love cheese pizzas~

The inside looked nice! A lot of the customers already left cos it was almost closing time.

And this salad was also yummm. Or maybe that's just me. I think I was a goat in my past life. But Aian liked it too!

Oh wow, this turned out to be a rather lengthy post! So sorry for the huge walls of text and photos, I haven't been posting a lot of personal entries recently since I have a ton of things to review and backlog to post, so I kind of got carried away with this one. I hope none of you went all TL;DR on me!

And thank you so, so much for reading. Hopefully I'll be able to make time for more posts like this in the future :)

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