bittersweet love story

February 24, 2012 No comments

Pack This! chiffon dress, sheer brown stockings, thrifted platform sandals.

After months of enjoying cardigan weather to the fullest (just last month I'd layered on clothes like there was no tomorrow), I'm back to wearing chiffon again. Because apparently, it's already summer in this part of the world.. and it's still only February! Crazy!

The song playing on my iTouch (in the photo above) is a track from one of the albums (an OST, I believe) from a new Korean record label I recently discovered, pastel music. The album name is CRACKER: compilation for a bittersweet love story. I've been really hooked on K-indie music recently, and I noticed that most of the artists that I liked (Lucite Tokki, Fanny Fink, Donawhale) were all from the same label. Sooo, after a bit of research, I downloaded a couple of albums featuring various artists from pastel music. The CRACKER OST is my favorite. They're mostly songs about breakups and lost loves, but I like them a lot.

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