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December 31, 2011 No comments

Bershka bolero, Romantic Fiona top, Lowrys Farm skort, sheer brown stockings, thrifted ribbon heels,
gifted Rilakkuma bag & glass orb watch, ToFebruary.com You're Beautiful ribbon barette.

My very last outfit post for the year 2011. If you've noticed, I'm wearing three items from that haul post I did just a little while back. So surprised to see that I actually managed to buy almost a full coord from one visit at the thrift store. (The shoes were also from there, but they were bought a couple of years back I think.) My favorite parts of this outfit would have to be the bag and the glass orb watch. Both were given to me by Aian as gifts-- the former for Christmas, and the latter for our 21st month together.

Also, I want to thank everyone for supporting me with this blog; Little Forest Girl started out as an experimental personal style blog, and as an outlet for me to fawn over my then-newly-found obsession with mori girls. And though my style has changed and the blog has grown to be something greater than it was before, until now I'm still very much in love with the mori girl life and style, and everything else that it encompasses. And I'm hoping that people will get drawn to mori girl as well, after reading my blog. That would make me so happy~

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