Technoteapot: A Gothic and Steampunk Tea Party

December 14, 2011 No comments

Hello hello. I'm not quite sure if anyone's noticed, but I've been blogging a lot about events lately. December seems to be the month of events and exhibits so forgive me if all I'll be showing you for the meantime are mostly photos from these events. I'll get back to my usual forest girl posts soon. For now, here are some photos (and a bit of disjointed narration here and there) from one of the highlights of last week, Technoteapot.

Technoteapot is an art exhibit slash gothic and steampunk tea party. The event was held to reveal various works of art by the trio that comprises Spidersilk Productions, Dione D'Souza, Maku Felix, and Isobel Francisco. And more than just an exhibit, the event featured live performances, stylized refreshments, works and merchandise from other talented, and elegant service courtesy of our very own Dokissaten Maid & Butler Café.

· day 1 ·

Opening night. I wanted to arrive early because I'd been wanting to see my Dokissaten friends for the longest time, and I knew that a gathering like this would be the perfect platform for Doki to make their comeback after eons of inactivity. Unfortunately though, the weather decided to (quite literally) rain on our parade, and we got there around a couple of hours late. Not that many people attended, but it was amaaazing to see other people who are into alternative fashion such as Aian and myself all gathered in one place. I particularly liked Iso and Donna's outfits that day. I also liked Dione and Maku's, but they were moving around so much that I wasn't able to take photos, boo. I only managed to get hold of Iso because I ambushed her while she was in the middle of talking to an acquaintance who was also part of the exhibit. I also wasn't able to take photos of Aian (who went in h.Naoto, no less). I think I have this thing where I keep forgetting to take photos of the people I'm with at an event. Weird. I went in mori, even though the dresscode called for gothic and/or steampunk, haha! I just managed to make it look somewhat (though very vaguely, not even the least bit accurately) gothic with the collared lace top and the suicide rope on my neck. (The suicide necklace is from Paradigm Shift, by the way.) I also got to meet with the designers behind the label Royale House. Despite our very awkward first meeting (I'm such a socially awkward penguin, I'm so sorry if I weirded you out), they were all lovely, but I was most excited to meet Jan Ibay, who was featured in an issue of MEGA Magazine. She makes the most amazing visual kei inspired clothing and I really look forward to working with her and the rest of Royale House in the future.

The opening was a huge success, I think! Stayed behind til almost 11, and got home at around 12. Sooo tired, but at least I wasn't the one who drank 7 glasses of wine. I swear, if you want Aian to attend an event, bribe him with the sweetest wine you can find. Either that, or bubblegum ice cream.

· day 2 ·

Second day. The exhibit actually opened a little earlier, at around 3PM, but Aian and I arrived a little around 8 I think. I'd initially planned out the day so that even if I had to go to the Brown Bag Market in The Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati (which I'll be posting about soon), we'd still arrive at the event somewhat early-- maybe 5PM at the latest. But all the planning went to waste, and I blame it wholly on crazy Friday night traffic. When we arrived at LRI, people had already started sketching. I did get to see a lot of familiar faces and we chatted for a bit before I went on with my people-watching.

The second day of the exhibit was pretty packed, which I'm assuming is because it was the day of the Dr. Sketchy's Sketch Session. The Sketchy's experience was.. different. A model would go up in front, and the people can sketch for just a limited amount of time. This went on for an hour in total, I think, with six or seven (memory failing at this point) sets of models, including our very own Donna and Sei. The lovely alternative model Dear Prudence modeled for the first and last set. I was particularly happy with my few photos her, even though they were mostly stolen and I had lights from two other photographers' flash guns blinding me every few seconds. I also managed to ask her if she was up for collaborating with me for a shoot. I was really scared that she wouldn't say yes so I asked Iso to come with me (because I'd asploded into a gooey fangirly puddle on Iso's YM window just a couple of nights before when I found out that Dear Prudence was coming to the exhibit to model; luckily she didn't see it). I was so, so, soooo happy when she said yes! Extremely happy. You have no idea. I'm definitely looking forward to working with her, hopefully early next year.

When the sketch session finished, Dear Prudence chose three (or four?) best sketches so they can come to the Sketchy's event on the 12th, and Donna's was one of them! Yay! We were all particularly excited because the prize included a bag of cookies from Mrs. Fields. Cookies all around! Om nom nom. The day ended at 10, and we decided to leave at around 10:30 after saying good-byes to everyone there. Even though I couldn't be there for the last day, I knew the exhibit was a huge, huge success. Everything was so amazing! If only we could have gatherings like that every year, haha! I've said this a hundred times at the event I think, but again, congratulations to the spider ladies behind Spidersilk Productions! ♡

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